“Saw Dressed To Kill at the Asylum in Birmingham. They rock as good as the real thing! What a show! If you love Kiss, you will love this tribute! They totally blew me away! Thanks for a great night. I wont forget this in a hurry !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

“I wanted the best and I got the best KISS tribute band, Stunning. The 'real' thing are hawking their current line-up around Europe charging upwards of £50 to stand in a shed 200 yards from the stage-go and see Dressed To Kill instead. Close your eyes, its KISS, open your eyes, it could be KISS, but within smelling distance(check Youtube if you dont believe me). All the classics (even covering the makeup-less wilderness years) are performed with a degree of accuracy that is truly frightening. This is the band I want to play at my bar-mitzvah, wedding and funeral. Seriously, Gene Simmons is rich enough already, so save your money and go to see Dressed To Kill instead-for the effort they put into a show they deserve every penny. Absolutely sensational. A glorious evening.”

“Having recently seen the 'real' KISS at The Echo Arena, We went to see Dressed To Kill in Birkenhead - just across the Mersey from the aforementioned venue. 'Revolver' was more packed than Ive seen it in months - which said enough about the band before theyd even played a note. They arrived on stage on time and gave a 2+ hour set, pretty much what KISS had played in May, but with an almost exact replica Alive II version of 'God of Thunder', and My Girlfriends favourite KISS song 'Tears are fallin' added in. The Drummer from Tigertailz filled in as 'Eric Carr' and was a very nice homage - he did a blindingly good job too! There was blood, fire, the loudest pyro Ive heard (aside from at a 'real KISS' show!), and the whole delivery was like watching the Houston '77 bootleg! The Paul Stanley giving us between song raps in a soundalike accent whilst preening his hair - too close to tell the difference!! I'd definitely travel to see them again, and it's NO wonder theyve been around for 20”

"Dressed To Kill play a set of songs…… sounding almost identical to Kiss….. It was all there: the solos from Alive II, the bombs, grenades, smoke, fire breathing and smoking guitars….."

Jan Dahle - Scream Magazine

“ "The perfect interpretation of a Kiss concert"”

G Wimmer - Rock In Gazette

"Dressed To Kill really ignited the crowd with a taster of KISS classics providing ample proof of their reputation as the ultimate KISS tribute. Everything about them was absolutely spot-on - the songs, the performances, the mannerisms, the costumes and even Paul Stanley's stage banter! Put it this way: they're as close to, if not as good as, the real thing (& a whole lot cheaper!) and thus come highly recommended."

“ "Dressed To Kill!!........Amazing!!.....Spectacular!!.....Incredible!!.....I predict individual solo albums….."”

“ "Maybe the Marquee will never be the same again, Dressed To Kill came, saw and conquered, turning back the clock to the 'Platinum' - era Kiss stage show with a stunning attention to detail…."”

Dave Ling - RAW Magazine

“ "Dressed To Kill have had to spend a great deal of time and money in getting things to the standard of correctness that they have."”

“ "I don’t normally stay past 3 songs…. But you were so good I stayed for the whole show! I’ve just phoned Paul Stanley to tell him how good you are!" (Bill Aucoin ex KISS Manager)”

“Dressed To Kill were brilliant !! Anyone who likes kiss will love these guys, they put on a great show and really know how to please a crowd.”

“You're probably thinking that it's completely OTT to award ten-out-of-ten to a tribute band, right? But when I tell you that, in my humble opinion, Dressed To Kill actually sound better than the band they are imitating, you will understand why. For a start, they replicate the original KISS line-up, along with make-up, detailed imitation costumes and instruments, and all of the effects and stage theatrics that you'd expect from a KISS show: fire breathing and blood spurting from Gene, a smoke spewing guitar during the solo from Ace, and a stack of pyros and flash bombs. And not only do they look and act like the real incarnations (they have the mannerisms down to such a tee that it's spooky!) but their musicianship is spot on - even down to the bass, drum and guitar solos. But the most amazing thing of all is just how much these guys sound like KISS when they sing. I'd expected the Paul and Gene characters to sound convincing (wouldn't be much of a tribute if they weren't) and they were”

“Undoubtedly THE world's best kiss tribute band !!”

“What an amazing show this was . This was the best gig I had ever seen by ANY tribute band . Stunning 1 hour 45 mins set with full KISS costumes, fireworks , explosions ,firebreathing and best of all loads of classic KISS tunes . Well worth the 2 houe trek each way to get to this venue from West London .”