Kiss the Salt / Press

"They are extraordinary artists and their musicianship is first rate. Kiss the Salt is destined for bigger things yet to come."

Eugene Lo - Engineer/Producer/ Eric Clapton, Toni Braxton, Parliament Funkadelic

“Naomi grooved her way into hearts of the audience with her outstanding vocals and patented provocateur style of dance. Those who know her can’t resist traveling any distance to witness her invitation of love.”

George Stanley - Rock City News

“Naomi wowed the crowd with her intense presence, tossing her wild daisy-strewn mane and slithering around the stage in her patchwork jeans, belting out the songs from deep with in her soul.”

Al Bowman - L.A. Music Awards

“Naomi Nektare packs a one two punch in the vocal department and on percussion and is clearly a liberated woman, fully capable of carrying her message of higher consciousness thru music.”

Johnny Best - Rock City News