Kissing Daylight / Press

“Kissing Daylight is a punk/metal hybrid with the no-frills approach of the Sex Pistols, the attitude of early Iron Maiden & live energy of the Misfits. Loaded with hooks, shameless sexuality & a surprisingly danceable groove, Kissing Daylight is like 60 minutes of the dirtiest, sleaziest, angriest sex with the person you despise most in the world! No inhibitions, no illusions, no apologies! ”

“Another band we would like to spotlight is one we had not heard of until recently. What struck us about Kissing Daylight was how original their tunes were. We had a hard time comparing them to anything out there really. The music pumps but there is a heavy emphasis on vocal melody. Crafted so well, the songs feel familiar enough to hum along yet you know you are hearing something totally brand new. Give these guys a listen if you see them on a bill and be sure to "like" their page! ”

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“You guys give me a female erection!”

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