Kirk W. Akin / Press

“A late Christmas present today, Thanks to all of you who helped once again to boost me back into the TOP 40, number 35 on the Phoenix ROCK charts tpday!”

K.Akin - Awkward Publications

“BROKE INTO THE top ten pHOENIX ROCK CHARTS zNOV. 27TH 2015. Number 9 today! New videos posted this month. Very excited about this”

K.Akin - Awkward Publications

“WCTR-RADIO shows interest n air play for "Looking for Love" Great news! Videos hitting soon!”


“Up the Phoenix Rock Charts to #53 and Very Cool FB Friends give Kirk 162 "LIKES" yesterday!!!! NICE!”

K.Akin - Awkward Publications

“Face Book Friends give Kirk Akin over 40 "Likes" in one day! This is the kind of a difference people who care enough to listen to an independent artist Can and Do make. Its hard to promote yourself but as you can see... Kirk Akin has alot of help from his friends! Kirk says " You get by with a little help from you friends!"”

K.Akin - Awkward Publications

“Thanks for all the support from all my Phoenix, AZ. fans! Its been a pleasure and alot of fun at every show, you guys rock! I am currently looking for a new bass player and drummer to form another orignal project. You can email me at kirkakin@yahoo.com”

K.A. - Serious Choice Productions