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“ © The Recording Academy 2009 - all rights reserved 52nd GRAMMY Entry List Field 6 - R&B Category 26 - Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance Page 4 of 12 Category 26 Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, with vocals. Singles or Tracks only. Kirk's The R & B Zone/Kirk "Guitar" Thompson 063. I'M A SOUL SEARCHER”


“Kirk Guitar Thompson is a singer/songwriter and Guitarist and is bringing back the sound of the guitar in R & B and Jazz. Noted for his productions of Kirk's the R & B Zone, as writer/Producer got him a recent entry in last year's Grammys for best R & B Album "You Got That Feelin" and Best contemporary album "The Jazz Mix", Kirk Guitar Thompson is at the cutting edge of music greatness. An Acoustic Jam is a peek of the fantastic acoustic guitar work of a great musician. It is nice to hear new talent emerge.”

“Not since Johnny Guitar Watson has there been a Guitarist with that kind of funk groove style until Now! Kirk Guitar Thompson is Pushing the limit of Jazz contemporary music on acoustic guitar.”

Bill Jabs - National Press

“Im A Soul Searcher “I like the flavor of the funk in the song. The rhythm and beat are tight just put together just right ””

“Kirk's The R & B Zones New Release "The Jazz Mix" has an urban smooth jazz flavor. With their pulsating style Kirk"Guitar"Thompson delivers over and over again Bringing jazz to the forefront.”

“Kirk's The R & B Zones "You Got That Feelin" and "The Jazz Mix" Albums Are Official Entry's In The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.”

“This album is a Quiet Storm, Kirk"guitar"Thompson's style of writing and arranging is different than the normal stream of R & B, but I like it. You Got That Feelin hits the listner with R & B Rhythms and Jazz melodys sounds and uptempo Grooves. A must hear album.”


“Featured Artist on Revernation and We're number 1 on the ReverbNation RnB/Soul charts in Washington, DC. for 6 straight Months.”

“Ground Shakin "Five Stars" This is a non-stoppin, music Pumpin, and ground shakin CD.It's been a long time since I've moved so much! Very rarely do I listen to a full CD. First time for me. This group is on it's way to the top.”

“The New Release "You Got That Feelin" is a pulsating R & B jazz mix that captures you're emotions with its Dance grooves.”

“This is a special group very talented musically and vocally, With Kirk (Guitar) Thompson outstanding performance that captivates the audience makes this group worth every bit of you’re time to see. A very polished group of musicians, a must see live.”


“Up and coming New Group Kirk's The R & B Zone”

“A Funky New Sound From Kirk's The R & B Zone”

“New Release From Kirk's The R & B Zones Second CD/ALBUM Listen to all 13 Tracks You Got That Feelin”

“Kirk's The R & B Zone Produced by a Master musician Guitarist Kirk Thompson. ... Catch this rising star performing tunes and hits from "You Got That Feelin" CD”

“ASCAP - The American Society of Composers,Authors and Publishers welcomes Kirk(Guitar)Thompson as Songwriter and Composer”

“The Recording Acadamy of the 51 Grammys Welcomes Kirk(Guitar)Thompson as Member”

“Visit our Web Site Come Visit Our Web Site and Listen to Kirk's The R & B Zone New CD Release IT's Hot.”