Kirby Heyborne / Press

“Kirby’s acoustic-based folk is touchingly simple, yet texturally complex, and the strength of his lyrics are in their honesty.”

“The following single artist is a young man from the northwestern part of the US who in this writers opinion is the twentyfirst centuries version of Paul Simon. His style is direct, compassionate, inspiring, clear and heartwarming. From some angles he even looks like a young Paul Simon.”

“Kirby Heyborne's music career is getting a boost this week as Microsoft is featuring one of his songs on its weekly free download site, Playlist 7.”

"...Well crafted lyrics, guitar driven arrangements, emotion packed vocals--it's the total package. ...Kirby's uniquely shaped musical gifts make this album easy to love."

“...Heyborne, who often bears an impressive resemblance to Luke Wilson, is quite brilliant, and brings enough warmth and humility to keep many from clicking away.” ”