Kirbie / Press

“Kirbie’s singing performance is the whole deal. She’s wonderfully emotive without ever dragging the song into outright melodrama, but there’s enough technical skill with what she does to further set her apart from her peers. Her sense of phrasing is virtually second to none.”

“Having one’s own sound and style in a world where the path of least resistance is, inevitably, more rewarded stands out as a truly remarkable thing about this performer. She certainly has her influences, but they are so deeply woven into her own identity that they become indistinguishable from her own voice. She sings with unfettered passion, always tempering her voice with a workable amount of finesse, and surrounds herself with a bevy of equally tasteful collaborators who definitely believe that the notes really mattering most are the ones you don’t play.”

“Few performers today are like Kirbie. You won’t mistake her for anyone else. Kirbie’s newest release “Human” is the first single from her as-yet-unreleased second album, Melon Soup, and shows off her iconoclastic talents in a remarkable, yet compact, fashion....These sorts of talents can be ignored or neglected for a little while, but not for long.”

“The production highlights her highly individual blend of multiple genres and lays a thoughtful songwriting sensibility over it all that never panders to her target audience. One never gets the sense that Kirbie is confining herself to a narrow swath of the listening public.”

“[Her voice is] a marvelous instrument that...seems capable of tackling any style or subject matter and making it work for her.”