King Z / Press

“King Z new Video is Here Check Out "Hatin On Me" now!”

“King Z has a new "club banger called "Rockstar" set to be released in Jan. 2013 hopefully he will leak it because it is a "must hear"”

In Touch Magazine - Are You A Rockstar

“Official video for "Hatin On Me" Coming Soon!!!! This will be Epic!!!!!”

Shyne Inc T.V. - New Video

“Its official King Z will be working with Scummy Smurf and Young Lammar on a song called "Presidential"”

Shyne Inc T.V. - King Z collabs w/ Scum & Young

“King Z will colab with J. Reid, Wodi and J. Hush on a hot new track called "Make It Fly”

Shyne Inc T.V. - KIng Z spits hot verse (2nd Verse)