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“Yes, finally ! New King Stench songs uploaded on our player ! Our new c.d. , titled "UNGOD" Out now on Death Rot Productions ! If you like what you here, please leave comment ! We want to thank Keith Byerman for the great recording ! Hails and Horns from King Stench”

King Stench - New King Stench songs uploaded !

“Yes, King Stench is in working on their next release, and we are very excited about it ! King the singer, front man of the group King Stench wrote the music , Lyrics, everything practically on his first release "Visions of Death" (2009). Now in 2011, all the members King Stench, Cess Pool and Decrepit Bowels have put their Ideas together on our newest release "Ungod". Decrepit Bowels actually sings on one the new songs and adds a lot of backing vocals to this amazing new release ! Cess Pool shreds on this new release also ! Tearing up the fret board with amazing speed and technicality ! Also the newest addition to King Stench is their new bassist " Lance A Rot " cast from hell and spewed upon us all ! This new release, out soon on Brutal Reign Productions ! So prepare for Brutality ! Hails from all of us in King Stench and thank you all for the great band support !”

King Stench - Words from the King

“King Stench in the studio May 21,2011. Starting works on their brand new c.d. To be released soon ! Also New bass player , Lance A Rot !”

King Stench - Words from the King

“New Review —King Stench New Review ! Beowulf Productions Current mood: cheerful Category: Music KING STENCH - VISIONS OF DEATH (13 track CD) BRUTAL REIGN PRODUCTIONS KING STENCH of the great band FOUL STENCH has unleashed his debut release with his side project band. This is a killer debut of old school Death Metal smashed together with Thrash Metal. This side project band is a little different from FOUL STENCH. King goes all out & plays some great old school Death Metal in the veins of late 80's early 90's Death Metal. The music has cool stop & starts parts, breakdowns & change ups all through out. At times you can hear the Thrash Metal influences coming to the for front. Kings vocals are done in a mid ranged harsh Death growl scream style. If this is what he is shoving down our throats the first time out I can't wait to see what he has for us next. An amazing debut release. I'm a huge FOULS STENCH fan & now a huge KING STENCH fan as well! Buy this album & blast it!!!”