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“Kings Of Prussia Kings Of Prussia is a four-piece progressive electronic metal/rock band based out of Asheville, NC. Originated in the suburbs of Miami, FL, the group moved to Asheville in early 2006. They have spent the intervening time making a name for themselves all over Asheville and North Carolina, playing shows at local venues and festivals. With extensive touring under their belt, Kings Of Prussia has played shows all over the southeast U.S., including music festivals such as Bele Chere and LAAFF, shows with Straight Line Stitch, Flaw, and with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Cancer Bats, and others at The Orange Peel.”


“When your band manage to effortlessly blend contorted tech-metal, atmospheric analog ambience and epic prog-rock, it's always going to be hard to pigeonhole. "People have described our music as everything from experimental to electro-metal or likened it to a movie soundtrack," says Josh Chassner, guitarist for instrumental outfit Kings of Prussia. "I love that there's no single definition: it can be whatever anyone wants it to be for them." Since 2004, the Asheville, North Carolina based unit-rounded out by guitarist Graham Halton, keyboardist Javi Bolea, bassist Tim Wright and drummer Tommy Garrett-have been doing things their way. "We wanted to do something different to what any of us had been doing or seen before, and people really seem to connect with that."”

“While their debut, Occurring Before in Time, is a fine album in its own right, the bands dynamic live show is where they truly thrive. Combining their frantic performance with elaborate projections, Kings of Prussia aim for glorious sensory overload. "We want every show to have a different feel and a different story, so we constantly mix things up and make it so it really lives in the moment", Chassner enthuses. As far as he's concerned, they've only scratched the surface. "I have so many ideas and wish I could make everything in my head come to life immediately, but we're here to put the time in, and one day we'll get there" -Dan Slessor”

“There will be three stages and two courtyards of music and performances including rock-and-roll, indie pop, funk, folk, ragtime, reggae, world beats, bluegrass, drummers, vaudeville, fire dancers, break dancers, hula hoopers, circus acts (are you beginning to get the idea?). There will also be face painting, dancing, freak fashions, hands-on art opportunities, and plenty of “say what?” surprises. Plenty for big kids and little kids alike. Musical lineup this year includes Kings of Prussia, Shake It Like a Caveman, GFE, The Ville Boys, Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, Hillside Bombers, The Goodies, Stephaniesid, Soulgrass Rebellion, Zansa, Sonmi Suite, Bloodroot Orkestra, 23 Skidoo, The Cheeksters, and Zombie Queen. There will also be great DJs on the Walnut and BoBo stages and performances from The Urban Arts Institute, Unifire Theatre, and Natty Queen.”

“Most Helpful Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST OWN ITEM!!!!! By cbd - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Occurring Before in Time (Audio CD) Everything on this album is completely a mind blowing experience from start to finish! Every musician in this musical ensemble has put their heart and soul into this recording. from off-beat and off the wall time signatures to heavy breakdowns, to melodic melodies backed with technical drum-bass-guitar-synt rhythms! this CD can capture any mind-set that a person can be in! and not to mention the Awesome recording from Jamie King from The Basement Recording in NC! truly an awesome production yet again from the master!”

“Hi Josh, Just to let you know that the last few days I have been getting into your album. I think 'Italian Gore' and 'Fountain Of Glass' and 'Your Window' and 'With A Shotgun' are killer tracks and would do well for progressive radio here in the UK and Europe. I would love to do an interview for Fireworks and I would also love to promote 'Occuring Before In Time' if you would like us to? You should not let this material sit on the backstage, it needs to be heard. the band have got something here mate.”

“That show was amazing! Thanks to everybody who, surprisingly, came out early to see us. Thanks to those who stuck around the whole night, too... that's a lot of rock for just one evening. Sinister Mustache was as tight as usual and all the guys are very cool. Artemia didn't disappoint either. This was the best I've seen from them yet. After sleeping on it, though only about 5 hours, I can safely say without caveat that Kings Of Prussia is one of the best bands I've ever seen. Holy cow!”

“We’ll hear a pair of ambient tracks from Asheville’s largely visual progressive thrash unit Kings of Prussia. They just released …Occurring Before In Time… produced by Winston-Salem’s Jamie King of Swift fame.”

“Thought I'd throw in that Kings of Prussia were voted 'best metal band' in Asheville/West N.Carolina.... I guess their version of 'Metro's Best' ...”

"... features the best in casual dining, live entertainment, casual catering and local artwork... tapas-style entrees, hearty sandwiches and hand-crafted desserts.... an awesome selection of wines, beers and liquors from around the world. Our kitchen is open late every night with everything on the menu -- and we do mean everything..... the place to catch live entertainment like none other. Electronica, punk, jazz, bluegrass, metal, noise, chant... "ground zero" for lots of local music talent such as Kings of Prussia, The If You Wannas, Verizon Soundsystem and Freakuency.... " Located on Biltmore Avenue in downtown Asheville.

"These guys are some of the most talented musicians and well respected in the area"

“Every Time I Die / Norma Jean/ Cancer Bats/ Kings of Prussia @The Orange Peel 8:00 PM Sunday, May 16th Doors open at 7:00 PM”

“Kings of Prussia myspace.com/kingsofprussia Falling somewhere between ambient-electronic and thrash-and-die metal, Kings of Prussia is famous not only for its schizophrenic musical style, but also for the costumes (pig masks, face paint, etc.) donned at its cinematic performances. Hailing originally from Miami, Kings of Prussia relocated to Asheville in 2006 and has been overloading the senses of local audiences with dreamy soundscapes and nightmarish cacophonies, supplemented with elaborate video installations, ever since. The band’s debut LP, Occurring Before in Time, was released in August. Javi, the band’s keyboardist, readily admits their shows are not for the faint of heart. “We definitely take a mix of some disturbing images that will strike a chord with people, and mix that with the complete other spectrum; beautiful, happy dreams type of shit,” he told the Xpress this summer. “Basically an intertwining of light and dark, good and evil. Like life." — Dane Smith”

“I can’t believe I just found this. This is a last minute post, but go see Kings of Prussia at Gourmet Perks (Asheville, NC) tonight. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about them soon. For now I’ll just say if a combo of Durutti Column, Voivod and Death Angel sounds good to you, then you’ll love this. Check out the video of my new favorite band. And congrats to whoever made that show flyer. Fantastic.”

“It's not often you hear a rock band describe its music in cinematic, Guillermo del Toro-esque themes like “innocence colliding with brutal reality.” But that's Kings Of Prussia for you.”

"One of the last times we played the Peel, people were just going ballistic," says Josh, who's been known to stir up the crowd into a moshing, gear-destroying frenzy by diving off stage with his wireless guitar and tackling people in the audience. "One guy walked out with two broken ribs, his earrings ripped out." For you newbies, though, no worries. As with everything KOP, it's all about that whole beauty/beast, good/evil dichotomy. Or as Javi puts it: "If you don't want to get hurt, stay out of the pit. That's Rock 101."

““Kings of Prussia was formed by Javi, Tommy and Josh in Miami, FL. Kings of Prussia has been living in Asheville for two years with Graham and Tim joining in on guitar and bass. Blending beautiful melodies with powerful driving rock/metal and adding electronics into the mix, KOP has quickly expanded their audience. Their live performances are extremely visual, lively, energetic, experimental and in your face.””

“With plenty of videos online, Kings of Prussia are getting their image out there, as well as the sound behind it. They offer not just the speed of past musicians but combine it with a ferocious musicianship not often found in modern rock. If there was ever anything needed to prove the minimalism of Grunge has finally bit the dust, Kings of Prussia is the nail in the coffin of the early- 1990’s Seattle sound.”

“The album begins with “245 Trioxin,” a wailing, glittery ode to more traditional based Metallica-era Heavy Metal with softer psychedelic breakdowns. “Italian Gore,” for example, continues with the Thrash but about a minute-and-a-half in goes into a softer breakdown, only to jump right back into ripping guitars and slamming drums. But, tracks like “Fountain of Glass” keep a slow, mellow mood throughout the song, followed up by the wicked, anticipation filled intro of “Jewel Thief,” another slower, complex progressive song with dives into celestial mood-enhancing intricacies. Think World Music with attitude. The album finishes up with a few more charged guitar parts and finally comes to a conclusion on a softer, lighter note, ending the entirety of this concept album.”

“Kings of Prussia’s newest album came out in August (Occurring Before in Time) and they are currently hitting the road to promote it after a two year hiatus in touring. Produced by Jamie King and the band, the ten-track epic is covered in intricate artwork on the album cover and in the music itself. Jamie King, Basement Recordings in Winston-Salem, is one of the top engineers in the Metal industry, recording for bands such as Between the Buried and Me and By the Sins Fell Angels. This in itself says something about the seriousness, the quality, and the expertise behind the newest release of Kings of Prussia.”

“Take what you know about Heavy Metal and throw it out the window. Asheville, NC rockers Kings of Prussia – a mostly instrumental ensemble of wailing guitar riffs, soaring electronic beats, and everything else that exists under the sun fused together – take the genre of Metal to a whole new progressive level. The name – Kings of Prussia – has become synonymous with a spectacular visual stage show. But the image doesn’t compare to the sound – a bit of Hair Metal with manic guitar riffs, some straight forward Hard Rock and, definitely, Metal. But there is more to Kings of Prussia than a rehash of past sounds. Mash up Rush, Andrew W.K., and a handful of the most prolific guitar virtuoso experimentalism groups, ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Pink Floyd and you find Kings of Prussia.”

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