Kings of Belmont / Press

"While the Kings of Belmont have recently finished their second studio release (an opus entitled IAMIAMI), they are truly a live rock band at heart. They are an expert quintet hailing from Charlottesville, Va., and their massive repertoire has allowed them to make each show a unique experience as they have burst onto the East Coast live music scene."

RELIX Magazine

"Kings of Belmont did a beautiful run-through of Pink Floyd’s 'Dark Side of the Moon' at the (Global) Village Stage"

"...that's always been a trademark of the Kings of Belmont. Always changing. Always new. Never Predictable."

Mary Alice Blackwell - The Daily Progress

"That kind of roll-with-it attitude is one the reasons KOB’s fans find them so appealing. They’re ambitious and hardworking, but never pretentious or too stringent."