“They literally bring an intensity to their music, soulful vocals that just grab a hold of you, catchy choruses, spectacular guitar solos, striking rhythms and big harmonies that need their own zip code. This is one band that you can only be described as “ROCK AND ROLL AT ITS FINEST”.”

“Lead singer Billy Kingsborough played the small local stage at BottleRock like it was his last. Kingsborough gave 110 percent, ending in a sweaty, heated energy that connected with his audience, in the same way that Springsteen has always done.”

“The music is a very welcoming fusion of blues and classic rock but with a much more modernized face lift!”

"In an industry candy-coated with drum machines and auto-tuned voices, Kingsborough is a band that brings back the heart and soul of rock and roll. It is a band that relies on musicianship and talent instead of the over-production and auto-tune of today’s music."

“These guys must eat adrenaline filled Wheaties because from the moment they hit the stage to the time they step off, they are giving a full 150%”

"Kingsborough might very well be the best band affiliated with SRJC and certainly one of the gems of the area’s local music scene."