““A devastating live show – a huge catchy grinding metal machine with blistering violent riffage””

Mark Lennard - Heavy magazine

““Few bands are able to transfer their live energy to record; however, King Parrot have succeeded in every way. Raw, dynamic and undeniably brutal, ” Bite Your Head Off” affirms King Parrot as Melbourne’s premier grind act””

Billy Geary - Veri Live

““King Parrot stole the hearts and minds of the head banging faithful with their impetuous and unadulterated sound, pulverizing those who dare to bare witness. Vocalist Matt Young seeing into the souls of anyone within eyeshot with his crazy eyes, the band tore through an archaic set. A belligerent assault on the senses””

Dean Forte - Faster Louder

““After brutalizing the country with their first EP, King Parrot don’t mess around, going for the throat. Musically the band is a mixture of grind, thrash and punk, a powerful mix that gets heads banging and bodies slamming. Adding to the sound is Young’s hate infused vocals which both bludgeon and amuse giving King Parrot an intensity lacking in many bands of this ilk””

Simon Lukic - JB Hi-Fi Stacks magazine

““Crusty uncompromising grind meets frosty cellar dwelling black metal all while capturing their titanically heavy live show. Such a strong statement of intent perches them far above most in the contemporary grind/thrash renaissance””

Tom Volcanis - Hysteria Magazine

““King Parrot - dominating the Australian music scene, one of the best extreme releases of 2012””

Patrick Emmett - Metal Obsession

““Ferocious, blazing, face-melting! King Fucking Parrot. This isn't a joke band. These dudes are for real. This band charges forward and just kills. They are a modern thrash band that takes things to a whole other level. They take hardcore, and grind and mix in about a 40 oz. of chaos.””

Ryan Swope - Short Blast Music reviews

“King Parrot is one of those bands. They may be new on the scene but they know their shit. Featuring past and present members of some of the Australia's most kick arse pub bands, Blood Duster, Cockfight Shootout, The Wolves, Stiff Meat, Watchdog Discipline & The Berzerker. On their Facebook bio they say "The songs are short and hard delivered with blistering intent. Uncompromising. And they will stop at nothing to deliver a kick in the face." You can't ask for more than a broken nose!”