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“keep it comming. flows like that is gon make it in the industry or underground. just keep it 300. been a fan since you added me bro”

“Man my nigga @King_O_Live is 1 of da coldest rappers in Flint and i cant leave my nigga @FiggaDaKID out both studying @ U of M...”

“#np Losing your balance @King_O_Live #hott Im feeling this song though...The beat so mellow putting you in my #playlist now”

“I dont do diz often but #shoutout 2 @king_o_live 4 hiz app! Oh & download da new mixtape on HotNewHipHop & DatPiff "The Warm Up" =)”

“everybody qo download #TheWarmUp by @King_O_Live @ http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/en/view-album/26641-the-warm-up or http://www.datpiff.com/King-O-Live-The-Warm-Up-mixtape.263694.html deff worth a listen!”

“I listen'd 2 sum of yo songz (da few i cud listen 2 *mad face*) Haha..But i must admit *pause* u get'n betta!”

“Just Downloaded Da Homie @King_O_Live #TheWarmUp Mixtape " I fucks wit it!!! Y'all get that new new off”

“Power walking, listening to @King_O_Live and @WHOisSwayBoy.”


“@King_O_Live I like the losing your balance joint its real!”

“HOMETOWN ALL DAY ....I SEE YA LIL BRO WE GONE BLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! King O Live Muzic”

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“Hey cuz the video is killing em man u killed that shit man o sick car”

“I liked your video you getting good”

“Got collabs comin' with Jonathan ForeverFly Sauser, Rich Wayne, Charles Young, King O Live ... I remember looking up to these people... Now I got the opportunity to record with them!!! I'm gonna prove myself worthy of it... every bar!”

“You never stop AMAZING me.....Wow you are extremely talented,you have a GIFT!”

“Lol.... Im really feeln this song... its really the shyt...LMAO. but i love all of your songs. <3<3 but these words.... i can relate. <333333333333333333333333333 I odnt think you understand how im feeln now... this smile on my face... this warm feeln in my heart...these tears in my eyes... <3<3 You did alot for me, thank you... im really cryn right now.. :')”

“Kyla: I pray 4 u alot dat erythang works out 4 u, yo goals in life will soon bcum a career ur wealthy in, & dat ur life iz wat u want it 2 be..I love ur ambition wit all u want 2 happen no matta wat da situation iz..I see a bright future 4 u pooh..Ima continue 2 pray 4 u bighead..Datz all i had 2 say =).... King O Live: Thanks! Where did that come from?.... Kyla:My heart, literally!.When i see/hear how bad u want diz it motivates me 2 do my thang no matta wat! Yo ambition give me drive 2 strive 4 my career & jump ova ery bump..Yo attitude/mind iz 100% set on where u tryna be & i lik it bcuz u go 4 erythang sum1 offer'z u..SO 2 answer ur question it all cam 4rm deep within my heart & soul..U got it ;)”

“forreal bro man i wouldnt hittn this music like i am now if it wasnt for yu u are a big inspiration in ma life ima make sure ma kid be around you foreal u taught me alot and still have alot to learn from u big bro..i really appreciate how you coach me wen im doin ma thang on dat mic i appreciate yu coachin me in all things bro you gone make it bro you have a real big heart and god gone bless you”

"So Proud Of My Bestfriend @King_O_Live. Working Hard On That Mixtape And Not Giving Up. This Man Gn Blow Up #trustme Ily :-)"

“i feel 4all da struggling artist out dere..Da REAL artist dat make sacrifices&are doin wat dey love not 1s followin a trend! @King_O_Live =)”

“Day 3 u always keep a smile on ma face thats y i remain the #1 fan:)”

“‎King O Live Muzic you kno im da #1 fan:)good job on your music u will make it very far in life:)”

“King O Live Muzic you do really good music:)”

“...Hopefully I get where you are.I support you & I like what you're doing...”

“@King_O_Live Im In LOve With Your Song "Time We Make LOve" Gives Me Chills When I Listen To it.! <3 :)”

“I say I wana be your babii. lmao. I love ur music. ;D”

Orlando Nguyen - Facebook

“I Heard One Of Your Songs On Here I Think Your Very Talented And Have A Great Future Ahead Of You ♥”

“#Shoutout to @GSthaDreaM and @King_O_Live for being 2 of the hardest working recording artists I know!”

“cant wait to hear @King_O_Live Mixtape...”

"i think King O Live Muzic needs that deal..and whenever PDot listens to his music he can relate to the struggle and passion King O Live has for his upcoming career

“Check out King O Live !!!!! Hip Hop at its very best! This young man has Talent!!!! I'm digging him right now on REVERBNATION!!!!!!!! Home of the best Independent Artists in the World!!!”

"Real talk i think @King_O_Live sing better than Trey Songz cause he be sounding like he struggling but he getting paid so i cant hate"

"#imabereal. I dont like @King_O_Live when he sing but I support that mans rap career to the fullest. Yea I said it... I SUPPORT @King_O_Live"

“You know, I got mad respect for King O Live Muzic... He don't flood nobody with links or anything, but his music is probably top 5 in Michigan! See i wish i could sit back and still get noticed, I gotta grind and send links to get plays and stuff.. SMH. not next drop though.”

“I love your voice:] True King and Artist n the making:]. ”

“omg beautiful voice (: ”

“whats up man, i checked the tape an i wanna work with you. If your lookin for any beats hit me up whenever at biggle999@hotmail.com .. Keep it up 2 man!”

“Ya'll be on the lookout for my nigga King O . Also be on the lookout for ya boy $herm-B check me out @ www.Reverbnation.Com/ShermB @ King O : Keep goin hard on these tracks bruh we gone make it regardless the situation with the record lables and if we don't we damn sho gone be known. Keep it up cuzReply to this comment”