king mee / Press

“Real Vibes Promotion and Real Vibes Inc Recording Artistes C Block from the UK, King Mee from Canada and Jahvante Campbell from Jamaica looking to find promoter are booking Agent to Co-Promote The Talk To Mi Tour in England, Canada and Jamaica, Waiting To Confirm Trubulence, Lutan fyah, Geoffery Star and Gappy Rank. (club's, Festival's, In a Park) http://www.realvibesinc.com boldnboasy@gmail.com or Tel: 1876 775 1921 Looking to do this Tour Summer and Winter One love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWsFGnR4zes&feature=colike”

“MediaFire www.mediafire.com KINGMEE_PRESSKIT_NOV2011.pdf ”