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“What a gift... how do you manage to convey depth and intellect through your music?! And yet it is dreamy and gorgeous, too? What's your secret? Tell me... [less] (2) ”

“these 3 words to all my Family and Fan and Friends.LoL,for real!Thank you 4 bein in my corner when we all living in pearless times.pray 4 me!Hi Mom.”

“all Haterz shall Fall!they will look for the Sun,but it will be Dark.and anyone suffering from niglegence shall have a str-8 up Tumble.and the band will keep shinin.”

“Hi Malik! Wonderful to run into you again over here. Love your awesome music. Very intriguing and captivating!!! Much Love always, DD”

“Twitter this!i have been no#1 in the entire state of North Carolina for 5 months st-8.that's Powerful.Praise God yall!he gives me Magic to share.Hi Ladies!”

“Please join malik's Fan Club and join the Street team so we can keep you posted on info concerning his music.also catch us on Twitter,Facebook,Plaxo Too!Peace,Love and Respect!”

“Haterz shall get no Love.cuz they ca'nt show it.ohh it's no use.I'm recording new songs today here in Carolina.@ home.Thaxz 4 the Luv Famo!”

“I am Very happy to be ear!infact,i'm feeling madd vibes in this whole music thang.you can say i am Basking in the Ambience.my music is a Joy to hear.and i pray to do my part to make songs of the Light so they might touch u.”

“ Pushthomas & Krizstylez1 - R&B/Soul / Neo Soul / Hip Hop/Rap 04/21/2009 4:05 PM MAN!!!! your music is REFRESHING!!! LOVE it Bro!!! Thanx 4 the friendship!......PUSH! (1) ”

“Hey Malik Torain, I love all your new productions. Bruh, you B layin down them tracks hard; Cool music Sun. You are gifted brother. Radical Mind. ”

"Malik, You are very talented! Your music is very emotional (especially “She Slips Away”) and I feel and hear it in your music. What a gift! I was singing to “Amazing” I enjoyed listening. Keep up the good work! Sending you Love, Peace & Blessings, Jan’ell (2) " - Jan'ell (May 14/08

reverb nation archives. - Jan'ell

“ What's good with you luv? It's good to hear from you. Keep making that wonderful music and moving forward productively and positively. Much Love, Natassja ”

reverbnation archieves - Natassja.

“wassup fam, good to see ya back in the grind...The erika trak is bangin'...peace...1...Breeze”

“All I can say is...you are...awesome, awesome, awesome!! I'm sitting here going through my emails, listening to your songs playing and I'm speechless, bobbin my head ) Wow! :) You must tell me more about yourself musically.”

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