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“For fans of true, instrumental surf-rock, King Ghidora is a don’t-miss, and not just because we never get true, instrumental surf-rock in Bend. These cats do it right, performing with masks and loading up their Facebook with campy interstellar myth-making. Under “About” they say: “LANDING SPACE SHIP IN HUMAN CITY AND SMALL TOWN TO CONDUCT SONIC SURF ROCK SOUND EXPERIMENT ON WILLING HUMAN TEST SUBJECT!!!!!””

“King Ghidora's been on my radar for a while, but I never caught wind of any prior releases apart from reverbnation updates and the like. Even if it's 3 songs, I'm glad to finally have this band in my library. King Ghidora hail from the Man or Astro-Man branch of the instro family tree, and I reckon they probably prefer the later material. KG's style is aggressive but progressive, with tracks 2 and 3 stretching into prog-psych-surf territory at 6 minute lengths. That's long for surf! The title track is the opener and doesn't waste any time, absolutely slamming through the entire 4 minutes, while the others prefer to build to a breakdown.”

““In the time period in American culture when that sort of stuff was abundant, it was—and I don’t want to say ‘the punk rock of that time’—but it was still kind of an obscure thing,” says guitarist Mark of Mars. “I don’t know why the sci-fi and horror thing came in but it just works really well. It might be that in the time period when both of those things hit American culture, it just went together like chocolate chip cookies and milk.””

“Originally from outer space but now living in McMinnville, King Ghidora are a masked quartet that make real-deal surf-rock that falls in line with that genre's traditions: roiling drums, waves of reverberant electric guitar, occasional theremin appearances, and no vocals. They call it "sonic surf rock." You might just call it fun, at least for a night.”

“Great live show!! Always fun to have them play my bar; the crowd always responds well to the music and the performance.”

Rama Merrill - The Deluxe

“Great ripping surf sounds from these guys!”

Saul Good - SR Studios

“Amazing! Every time they play my 500+ festival they are the band that gets the most attention and requests to have back.”


“THE AGE OF SPACE EP is finnished !!!!!! The long awaited EP will be available for donwload or CD purchase MARCH 31st on ITUNES and others....".A must have for the sonic surf junkie"....Saul Good.”

Saul Good - SR Studios