Kingdom of Few / Press

“Kingdom of Few takes the raw, sexual energy of Buckcherry, and radio friendly tracks of Hinder, adds a touch of causal cool, creating their own vibe. Frontman, Curtis Butala oozes confidence and sex appeal on stage, while bassist Alex Parks enjoys his “wireless” freedom, often mingling through the crowd; then there’s Reno Serani, the man with the magic fingers on guitar and John Clarke backing it all up on the drum kit,. The allure of a Kingdom of Few show the unique laid back mood, combined with high energy guitar driven rock that gives them an “every man” appeal. Ladies .. beware Curtis’ charms, and men .. prepare to fist pump when Kingdom of Few take the stage - this is a band you both can enjoy! ”

“Kingdom of Few, an all new high-energy hard rock band from Calgary came to play at the Rockwater last Saturday. The band is led by Curtis Butala, who was born in Golden and lived here for 20 years. Since starting the band one year ago, Butala has wanted to bring the band home. Butala describes the band as having a strong rock vibe with a bit of an edge. “Our sound is kind of like the Rolling Stones on steroids.””