King Crab / Press

“Lovin' your tunes!”

Chris Howard - Reverbnation


Sixth Street Band - Reverbnation

“I checked out your tunes. Good stuff. I like "So Damn Sad" best. Love the sound, and the msg is so "in your face" real. Great stuff man.”

Kevin Smith - Reverbnation

“exciting & very entertaining tunes... excellent musicianship & great voice...”

Fatamorgana - Reverbnation

“Great work good job... amazing sound... nice voice... I hope u came on Indonesia n will promotion it ^_^”

APOTIC BAND - Reverbnation

“Great work!! Loving your awesome tracks. Peace and LOve from the mIle High CIty ROckers . . . ”

Pressure Point USA - Reverbnation

“absolutely loving 'they're here' , thanks for the link , i've got the download . believe and stay safe ravenslament ”

ravenslament - Reverbnation

“you did it well, you make the great work, full & much respect...regards”

Dani MKD in Goodwill - Reverbnation

“You guys sound great! Would love to see a live show, bet its a blast!!!”

Morrison33 - Reverbnation

“dude your amazing!”

"I like what i'm hearing, especially '' so damn sad ''. Sean

Sean Loyalty - reverbnation

“Love "So Damn Sad" Hope all is well in your word Mr King Crab:-) xoxo, Cat”

Cat Mclean - reverbnation

“Waited Too Long - Great Tune - Well Done”

Gene Hilbert - Reverbnation

“King Crab not only knows how to lay down great drums and original music, he's also a master at the keyboard (computer). Study this guy if you want to learn a thing or two about band marketing. rock on king crabby pants”

“Amazing and interesting talent over here. WOW... Great songs.”

LIQUIDTIP - Reverbnation

“you're a great artist, that"s for sure. Congratulations fron France”

kozarmo - reverbnation

“Hey Steve, just stopping by to listen to your cool tracks and visit your page. Awesome! Rich D.”

Bon Ton Key Club (Rich D) - Reverbnation

“So Damn Sad is where its at my good man. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great connection!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Auriemma - reverbnation

“Hello my friend:-) great songs:-) nice work! xox, Cat”

Cat Mclean (Miss Awesome IMHO) - reverbnation

“Great music!!!! Well done! Love the rhythm and style as well as the vocals!”

Melissa Buys - Reverbnation

“Hi, really enjoyed listening to your music my favorite so far is She Cries... (She Smiles) love it.. made me smile :)”

Reverbnation - Music For The Soul

“King, I'm listening to "Streetwalker" and man, I'm loving it, the flow is freaking cool and also the sound effects. Keep rocking Steve! Carlos”

Mongrooves Productions - Reverbnation

“Hello Sir King Crab stopping in for a listen and digging what I am hearing the "Everybody Wants" song huge dig it a lot hats off to mr anderson a lot of talent in that man must have been a pleasure working with him. Paisley, Melissa, Streetwalker and the techno songs come up as my personal favorites. I definitely be swinging back through here to enjoy your creations. It also sounds as if you make one heck of a PB&J. Thank you....DSH”

Label - D.S. Hero - reverbnation

“Thanks so much for the love and support! Love you too!! great tunes. xo Kim Russomanno”

Kim RussoManno - Reverbnation

“Great music u have."So Damm Sad"...is "So Damm Good" Really enjoyed ur music n I sure will retuen again fr some more.Thank u fr beign a fren n fr ur kind comments:-)[l”

Rajesh Pradhan - reverbnation

“Wow ... "Because" is my favorite song of all times!!! You totally ROCKED it!!! Honored to be your friend!! Peace, Love & collard greens, KRUSH”

KRUSH - Reverbnation

“Hi King Crab! Interesting bio...well...you've made it happen!!!...the cover of 'Because' is cool. Love the 'funky' rock and 'pop' sounds on all the other songs here... with a bit of soul thrown in. I can hear Motown here too! Nice one! Great music! Keep it up ...”

PASSION8 - Reverbnation

“KING CRAB's "PAISLEY" Pure Classic Rock and Roll! ”

“Hey man, just checked out the tunes again. Diggin on that Take it from Me song. its pretty catchy, and has a fun rockin vibe to it. From here to There, is awesome. Very different styles all around, and thats a good thing. cheers! spark1duh?”

spark1duh? - Reverbnation

“Great hooks! Awesome. Laura ”

“Super cool tunes. Love the melodies. Very catchy. ”

“I love your melodies and your lyrics! I absolutely love Crying Won't Help. Gorgeous song. ”

“Hi Steve,you've really great songs here. Keep up the great work. All the best. ”

“Great stuff,Steve! No shit, I'm really impressed. ”

“Hail to the King. Lovin' your new tune Here to There. Love, joy and peace....Rag ”

“Awesome!! GREAT to meet ANOTHER DRUMMER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER!!!!! who also writes and composes!! cool to know ya dude multi-talented stuff here !!!! KEEP ROCKIN!!! ”

“Loving the tunes!!! Thanks for the real music!! very uplifting and inspiring!!! Love from Tom and Linda ”

“Hey Steve, Stoppin' by to say hello..and to have a listen. Enjoying your awesome music - really like the production and intrumentation - very cool feel. Peace, Joe ”

“ Hello King - Amazing music,Great Songs Have you.I wish you All the Best From The Hot Seville.Keep Rockin! ”