King Brice / Press

“King Brice is back with a new single to show that the classic hip hop sound can be just as fresh as ever. The track “Don Wepa” hits with a hardcore and unique beat that gets heads bopping while the lyrical flow builds to an all out attack on the mind and senses. This is a song that demands multiple listens to take in all the directions that the melody and vocals can take you.”

“This MC/Producer/Composer/Performer’s smooth, street-wise lyrics are amazing and empowered with his personality and passion. He energizes his lyrics with wit and hard-core experience. And most of his tracks have outstanding instrumentals too. "King Brice: excellent lyrics, outstanding music and a sound that should be playing in the Top Ten of all rap and hip hop stations"”

"you can really feel the intensity and lyrical assassination that King Brice is putting on us. This is what we have been looking for in post-golden rap era music; tight production" throughout, with a connection to the truth and an emcee who has not sold out".