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“‘King Bison’ is a great release that really deserves much more recognition. The guys aren’t reinventing the wheel but they play with such gusto, freedom and joy which alone sets them apart from so many other bands out there. Add their no bullshit attitude to the fray and voilà, King Bison are miles ahead of the pack. So don’t be a fool and miss out on some badass, pure heavy rock’n’roll, because these Pennsylvanians will make your day so much better. -Swedebeast”

“Songs like “One for the Money” and “March of the Sasquatch” signal a watch for stoner-roller grooves to come in “Queen of the South” and “Pariah,” the dudeliness of the proceedings practically oozing from the speakers in the gruff vocals of guitarist/vocalist Chris Wojcik. The penchant for booze and blues, ladies and US auto manufacturing holds firm in “Night Ride” and the slower “I’m Gone,” and while one might expect a closer called “Space Boogie” to flesh out a bit, King Bison instead reinforce the foundation they’ve laid all along of Southern-style heft, remaining light on pretense and heavy on riffs.-theobelisk.net”

“Heavy riffing southern rock with groove metal tendencies! Get down!”

“Sometimes you just wanna' hear some good old unpretentious heads down no nonsense boogie.”

“Hard/blues rock played well and with loads of stoner attitude. If Cream and Mountain had played stoner rock this would be what they would of sounded like.”

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"From the first hell-blazing drum fill of "Queen of the South" to the soul scorching southern boogie swagger of EP closer "One Step", Red Hill, PA three piece King Bison grabs you by the balls and don't let go. Combining a vintage southern hard rock strut with an updated bluesy stoner rock groove the band shakes and shimmies through these four solid rock nuggets. Gruff beer-drenched vocals, a wondering bass line and mammoth riffs sounds like a bastard mix of Molly Hatchet, Clutch and Dixie Witch. If you are a fan of what Small Stone Records does then this band will be right up your alley. You will feel your beard instantly grow as you crank up this fine example of kick ass rawk and roll!"

“If you dig the modern, southern, fuzz ass whompin’ of Halfway to Gone, Alabama Thunder Pussy, Solarized, Shovelhead, Honky, and Gideon Smith or like the idea of southern rock coming from Black Sabbath’s amps; East PA riff generators King Bison should be the whiskey scented elixir you’ve been craving”