KING / Press

“Its ya boii”

King - King phrases

“This is my damn world, This my damn life yall niggaz playin around im tryna get right”

King - My damn World

“you have become my favorite friend with benefits”

King - FWB

“Sit Down, Shut up, and Listen”

KING - Kings phrases

" i feel like i no longer have to talk when it comes to my music, i let my music talk for itself "

King - KingTv

" I'm just a outsider looking in "

King™ - King daily phrases

“hey look that aint got nothing to do wit me ”

King - King daily phrases

" Catch me up high to get the perfect view getting ready to achieve the dreams i pursue "

King - All On the Line

" its so hard to be REALwhen everybody's a FAKE but why are the FAKES the ones who are labeled as greats"

King - On Top Of The World

" We live in a world the envys the greats ,but how the f**k we posed to live if we don't empty the hate "

King - On Top Of The World

" Dreams are the touchstones of our character " -