“This song has a feel to it of the 70's pop group The Eagles at the beginning with the guitar s and drums. Also the singers voice mixes very well with the music. The singers tone of voice is just right for this song and has great pitch.This song sounds very energetic and lively.I enjoyed it very much, and i think others will too!”

“Definitely a must to listen to again! Amazing beats, good harmony, absolutely LOVE the vocals! I love how the song has upbeats and downbeats in it also! Great voice, good sounds, and just outstanding in general. Would totally listen to this again, and share this with all of my friends! Would love to own an album of songs by the creator! Everyone needs to hear this, let's get this out! There is no reason that it isn't something that is very popular right now! Start sharing this, get this out more, this is a kind of song that you completely can not pass up!”

““I enjoyed this one immensely. The vocalist kind of sounds like Alice Cooper and I love Alice Cooper. I could feel the emotion in the lyrics and the music. I felt sympathy for the artist as he is obviously very sad about a break up. I would love to hear more from this artist. He is very talented””

Reverbnation Review Panel Member - Review on "When You Comin' Home"

““Vocals of the song definitely remind me of the great rock singers of the 80s. The music, the instrumentals, the guitar solo, the bass all worked just right with the voice of the singer. Pitch changes and the tempo changes were right on par with some of the great songs of the 80s. The singers voice also clear and understanding. This is a song I would listen to over and over.””

Reverb Nation Review Panel Member - Review of Kindreds song "Turn"

““Kindred Original rips through the musical fabric of Rock n Roll revealing the heartfelt groove of the hopeless romantic in “Learn How to Crawl” & into “American Eyes” searching for truth, reason & identity, then to the solitary rock solid “Here Comes the Rain” & When You Comin’ Home. “Great songwriting, beats, & guitar riffs meld the music of Kindred Original making it an impulsive classic rockin’ compilation album!””