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"Through a partnership with Reverbnation, Unheard Voices features raw talent making a noise and difference in the music industry. We introduce Kin4Life. Nor and I.Q. known as the rap duo, Kin4Life, quickly got my attention after viewing a freestyle that was featured on Thisis50.com. I said to myself the days of asking what happened to real lyricists in female hip-hop were over."

“One group immediately comes to mind: KIN4LIFE had a chance in front of a name-recording artist and was shooed away because they didn’t look “f-able.” But, they continued manifesting and demonstrating that LGBTQ talent can be heard and is valuable.”

"On August 4th, KIN4LIFE will release the video for "It's Over Now", the first single from their upcoming CD "Money Brings Trouble". Fans may view the groundbreaking video on the group's YouTube channel, KIN4LIFETV; the video and single will be available on iTunes the same day. The highly anticipated video was filmed last summer in Philadelphia and premiered this year at the 2012 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival ."

“There isn’t any other American female music duo in the United States today whose music and influence compares to Kin4Life’s, or who has accomplished what they have as artists who are out and proud and who are entrepreneurs of a new generation. Just watching them brings a number of things to mind. Among the milieu of what transcends from their prose and their dynamic presence is what distinguished Audre Lorde as a legend of the Diaspora and a leader ahead of her time. It’s what made New York’s Stone Wall Movement legendary beyond refute: The quest for freedom and the right to love boundlessly as we define ourselves as same gender loving people. Yet, as entrepreneurs of a greater enterprise they are truly what we’ve needed and just what we’ve been waiting for.”

“Hip Hop/R&B supergroup KIN4LIFE returns to Inferno Dominican Republic for the second consecutive year and will open for six-time Grammy nominee Marsha Ambrosius at the Labor Day weekend event.”

“Real music makes us happy. We define real music as music that comes from the true heart and soul of a person, completely ignoring music industry perceptions of what's hot and what's not. KIN4LIFE's new single, "Queen Latifah", exemplifies just that. While lesser musical talent would have chosen to emulate icons that they could not relate to or make sense of, K4L chooses an '80's Baby' favorite and an example to business-women everywhere. The self-engineered Hip-Hop/ Street-Rock duo and owners of Noriq Records, go in on the various scams being run by the 'vultures' of this industry, the fame centered attitude of many of today's artists and how to handle your business like a true Queen Latifah,..”

“KIN4LIFE's Hit Single and Music Video "Make Up Girl" has made it to MTV UK.”

“Hip hop/R&B supergroup KIN4LIFE will shoot their highly anticipated new video on June 17-19 at MBN Studios in Philadelphia. The video is the group’s second official music video and follows the unpredicted commercial success of their first video for the hit single “Make Up Girl”, which held a spot on MTV Logo’s Click List Countdown for eleven consecutive weeks, and was nominated for The Click List's Top 10 Videos of 2009. The video was also honored as Best Music Video of 2008 by the Afterellen.com Visibility Awards. Dorian G. Stone, director of the “Make Up Girl” video, returns to helm the new project, in collaboration with Director of Photography Mike Hechanova of UrbanMouse Productions, an independent film and video services boutique based in New York City. The project will utilize the revolutionary RED ONE digital cinema technology. Vince Wright, of Wright Films, will document the production, with R.Brian Chacon of RBC Production Management handling set design. ”

“YOUR WEEKLY WOMEN to LISTEN to: Thelma Houston, KIN 4 LIFE, Abbe May and More... File Under: Electro-hop, R&B From: New York For Fans Of: Lost Bois, God-des, JenRO, MC Lyte, holding hands down the street, having doors opened for you/opening doors for your lady-friend, snack packs Bonus: These fly chicks are out rappers and they've got their own record label, Noriq Records. They were the first lesbian act on AllHipHop.com.”

“In response to the recent wave of media attention focused on attacks and bullying targeting LGBTQ youth, hip hop duo KIN4LIFE, in collaboration with musicians Nefertiti Akinyela of NefTunes, singer/songwriter Tora Torres and internet stars Studology 101, released the new song “Lone Ranger” as a show of support and solidarity. The single, written and produced by KIN4LIFE, is available for free download at http://www.limelinx.com/files/e09064543c58aa4fb0d23002db69d063 ”

“The unreleased single “Money Brings Trouble”, written and performed by Hip Hop/R&B supergroup KIN4LIFE, has been chosen for placement in the feature film “Changing The Game.” The song will also be featured on the film’s soundtrack. “Changing The Game,” based on the screenplay by award-winning director Rel Dowdell, is the gripping story of two childhood friends from a gritty North Philadelphia neighborhood who choose divergent life paths but find themselves facing the same risks and, quite possibly, the same ending. ”

“Kin4Life’s New Song Lone Ranger is A Song Everyone Needs to Hear I was all set to write a blog about protest music; to talk about how outraged I was at the present and apparent apathy expressed in today’s music. Then I listened to the song “Lone Ranger” by Kin4Life with special guests Studology101, Neftunes and Tora Torres. This song addresses the issue of LGBTQ youth suicides in a powerful, factual and emotional way. This is a song everyone needs to hear. These suicides are a problem. They are not confined to the LGBTQ youth and they are not a “gay” issue for the gay community exclusively to work out. These are our children; our youth. They are sons and daughters; they are students.”

“Here's some early ear candy prior to #MusicMonday: KIN4LIFE'S "Lone Ranger" has hit the net! With over 1,100 downloads so far today, this is truly a must listen to track. With the vast amount of suicides happening nationwide in part to our LGBT youth being ridiculed and bullied by their peers because of their sexuality, "Lone Ranger" is among the many efforts put forth to bring this to an end. KIN4LIFE got together with YouTube personalities, Studology101, and acoustic artist Neftunes to create "Lone Ranger" which with KIN4LIFE's soothing voices and sincere words, Neftune's wonderful guitar infused melody aka "Acoustic Gangsterism ", and Studology101's facts creates a song that surely needs to be in heavy rotation and on the airwaves!”

“This is an amazing song and I love the fact that Kin4Life created this song for LGBTQ youth. Check out their song Lone Ranger below andsupport our LGBTQ youth! ”