The Kimmie & Johnny Trailer Trash Combo / Press

““Everything else has been taken from me—what do I really want to do?” The question faced Johnny Profane, nearing 60 and homeless, after he had left a “Hindu meditation cult” and then spent 17 years as a therapist working with cult survivors. The answer to his quandary came via Facebook where he linked up with Kimmie F’n Green Eyez, 59. Also homeless after she lost her nursing job “due to a marijuana bust,” Kimmie (real last name Deckard) invited Johnny (real last name Knapp) to Bloomington where they began playing music together. A year ago they were living and performing on the streets. Today they are handing out samples at Sam’s Club, living in a rented house, and hosting a monthly cabaret show at Bear’s Place. - See more at: http://www.magbloom.com/2013/06/kimmie-johnny-a-funky-cowpunk-duo/#sthash.5j1DzUBI.dpuf”

“Musicians Kimmie & Johnny Catch on with "Cowpunk" The rowdy husband-and-wife duo, who met in Bloomington's homeless community, are becoming one of that college town's hottest acts. Posted on 6/28/2013 3:49:00 PM by Sarah Zinn Kimmie & Johnny Photo via Facebook Bloomington’s prolific music scene has fostered creativity even in the homeless community, where husband-and-wife duo Johnny Knapp and Kimmie Deckard found each other. Collaborating to create what they dub “cowpunk,” a subcategory of alternative folk music, the couple, performing as Kimmie & Johnny, frequent Bloomington venues and have become the college town’s top-ranked group in their genre on the music site Reverbnation.com. And they’ve only been playing together for a year. “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I was going to be a pretend rock star,” Knapp says.”

“Johnny & Kimmie’s lyrics were much darker and edgier than their music. The lyrics talked about Kimmie losing her religion, about children burying their mother, about various illegal substances, but Johnny’s acoustic guitar just kept playing quietly along in the background…. They deserved a larger audience…. [April 2012]”

"Kimmie F'n Green Eyez & Johnny Profane belted out songs about trailer life and police run-ins. The audience, ranging from students to retirees and filling every table, cheered them on. I love it when we get acts and you're like, Who the hell are these guys? Then you get some really great stuff and everyone's rooting for them." [Aug/Sept 2012]