Kim Logan / Press

"Nashville-based artist, Kim Logan, carefully crafts her songs as homages to Florida landscapes, delta blues, psychedelia, and garage rock. Her operatic vocals are haunting, and her music is danceable."

Andrea Gordillo - The Brooklyn Rail

"Kim Logan is a renaissance woman whose list of collaborations includes poetry, fashion design, film-making, and opera. Logan grew up playing classical music, using her training to obsessively experience each musical era by playing and performing music from each one. Her Sarasota, FL roots burst forth from this influx of creative energy to form the Southern swamp-rock outfit she vivaciously fronts to this day."


““Better Way” is a haunting, electric, and anthemic track, dripping in nostalgic psych rock influence while maintaining a contemporary bluesy, indie flair. The video, directed and produced by Logan, Michael Alley, and Cody Reid, perfectly captures the vibe of the song, and with its stylish visuals, artistic set pieces, and moody flair, it serves as a reminder as to why Kim Logan is one of Nashville’s most essential artists.”

"Kim's unconventional sound has earned her a place beside some of the industries biggest names, [like] four time Grammy Award winning producer Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Arctic Monkeys). Kim Logan continues to redefine the rock genre with her gritty new video for 'Cadillac'."