Kim Angelis / Press

“...fresh, exciting and vivacious...opens the album with two gypsy dances that will knock your socks off, played with a fervour and passion that makes you wish you were dancing around a campfire in a Roumanian forest.”

James Morman - Dirty Linen

“Four of the most gorgeous strings to feel a bow are on the violin of Kim Angelis. Lullabies, folk tunes and new traditions are covered in her vast and highly respected repertoire.”

Cindy Lamb - L.A. Weekly

““Angelis is an excellent violinist who can play anything she chooses...she can write a good melody...reminiscent of pieces by other violinist/composers like Fritz Kreisler and Pablo [de] Sarasate.” (“Choice CDs” selection).”

Hollis Taylor - Strings Magazine

““I would like to thank you for this concert tour [of Taiwan]. I believe it brought a lot of happiness to the audiences here and was a pleasant surprise [sic]. I sincerely would like to invite you to come back again! I know those audiences will come back to the halls again, as they experienced your music, body language, and above all, the spiritual[ity] of your music. That’s the most important. They will bring back more friends next time!! Thank you, with love.””

Sam Lee - Paris International Entertainment Co.

““Angelis has a technique which is astounding. Ceaselessly active on stage, she poured out music - and energy - in unbelievable quantity. Witness, anyone who can play at breakneck speed a descending glissando in thirds and in tremolo while dancing up a storm is remarkable to say the least. She has a full, rich tone, seemly total control of the instrument, and an inexhaustible store of music in memory...it was a tour de force, a tremendous performance done with flair and dramatic gestures and demonstrating a technique which is highly advanced.””

Elizabeth Widel - The Chronicle (Omak, WA)

““...elegant phrasing and seamless technique...Through thrilling use of spiccato, pizzicato and staccato, Angelis on the violin was born in the tradition of Romany and churned by the legacy of Paganini...Angelis’s compositions are an unending supply of surging joy and boundary-less adventure...””

Jean Bartlett - Pacifica Tribune

““A fiery, dreamy, saucy, dancing, vibrant vision with a glorious violin took the I.O.O.F. Hall by storm in a concert that will long be remembered by everyone in the enthralled audience. Kim Angelis’ mastery of the violin, combined with her lithe stage presence and heartfelt explanations of what inspired her to write each piece brought her music to the bottom of each persons’ heart and made each of us feel like we had made a new dear friend...it brought a prolonged standing ovation.””

Bob Toren and Wendy Marsh - The El Dorado Gazette