Killzone / Press

"There was a slaughter on the dance floor Saturday night in Beech f’n Grove tucked into a small warehouse show featuring Bitch Slap, Coping Method and Killzone. For anyone who has just listened to the Facebook player’s songs from Killzone, GET THEE TO A KILLZONE SHOW PRONTO!" "Finally, Killzone took the stage to a packed house around midnight and nearly toppled the roof with the assault on the senses coming out of the PA. Having placed 3rd in the Rock House Battle of the Bands means Killzone is an ascending band ready to tackle the wider world beyond Indiana and if they keep performing like they did Saturday fans all over the world will be ready to wear a target on their chest too! Running through a set that included highlights from their forthcoming CD, Killzone turned the floor of the warehouse into a bloody mess that left ears ringing in a good way. I know I’ll be at their next show, you should get out to see them too!"

"Wednesday was a night of absolute metal with Motograter, XFactor1, Soulsik, Pallbearer and Killzone at The Rockhouse Café." "This show was what metal shows should always be about. The Rockhouse Café did a really great job at placing these bands together. Each band had something eclectic to bring to the table but they all had somewhat of a similar style and sound that brought them together to play one impressive metal show."