“KILLWIRE, an institution in the Twin Cities that existed inside it's own nation for years, recently raised some major attention and some eyebrows. "Empty Cell", the bands debut full length album (Zerobudget, 2011) is a spastic rationalization of disgust, anger and relentless venting. The album starts off with "What I've become", an excellent opener that proves the band can appeal to fans of melodic odd meter giants Mudvayne just as much as the roughnecks that slamdance to Pantera. "Lovely" shows the wide vocal talent of signer Jon Windholz, not to mention the tight playing of the band itself. "Down" starts off with a killer guitar trade off between guitarists Roger Weyandt and Mat Hall with the strong backbone of rhythm section, Feldor and Dan Boese on bass and drums respectively. "The Hunger" has the band expanding its gaze into more melodic realms. I could go on and on song by song, but why ruin the experience for you? Just buy the damn thing and throw on some headphones.”