Kill Whitey! / Press

“Kill Whitey is the raunchiest dirtiest band in the state, with music to match. Their shows are parties in themselves. You've heard the rumors, the Double Blow Jobs, The Girls pissing in guys mouths, The Tampon Shots, The Blood, The chick Fights, The Strippers, The Tits, The Rack n Roll Blowjobs, The squirting, The lesbian finger banging and scissoring and our hash brownie baked sales. Come see what everyone is talking about!!!!!!! ”

“Mike Williams: We bring the party. That means bringing crazy shenanigans. There's tons of crazy every show. There's always an exciting memory and never a dull moment. From the tampon shots to... there's a whole list on our website of all the crazy stuff that happened. That can be found at www.facebook.com/killwhitey1. We pour blood on our heads sometimes, we throw skulls at our shows, we're very vulgar, not the type of band you want to bring home to mom. We had a dildo fight at Marisa's 100th book release party in Toledo, strippers pissin' in guy's mouths; sometimes I feel like we're a modern day Motley Crue.”

“As they will be playing Mickey Finns in Toledo, OH, on September 28th, I chilled with the white guys from Kill Whitey. Sitting in on practice and laughing at a few shenanigans, the band from Monroe, MI, knows how to have a good time. Comprised of singer Mike Williams, Bill Causey on guitar, bassist Jimmy Yoakum, and drummer Travis Yoakum, Kill Whitey may be most infamously known for their tampon shots.”

“Kill Whitey. Theses guys definitely come to play. Bill Causey, Mike Williams, Ernie Peterson, Steve Pagnucco took the stage around 3 o clock and threw down some of the ballsiest in your face hardcore metal of the entire show. There was no hesitation with these guys their music was tight loud and lead singer figuratively grabbed the entire crowd by the throat and shared with them the intensity of Kill Whitey (and the crowd loved it). ”

“Now to the other end of the spectrum; downriver hardcore band, Kill Whitey recently played the Dangermen House of Horrors Party at Rack ‘n’ Roll. Featuring the ever-versatile Billy Causey on guitar. Kill Whitey is a complete 180 from Bill’s other project Dinner Date. Kill Whitey is HARDCORE!!! With a motto (and song) like “Drink, Fight, Fuck!”, you definitely know you’re in for something physical.”