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“Are you a broken person? Relax, and let the post-punk sounds of Kill the Reflection make it all better. Oklahoma City’s Kill the Reflection has come a long way. What began as a trip-hop group in 1999 has morphed into a post-punk band that does moody with the best of them. Heavily indebted to Joy Division and Interpol — yet inspired by acts as varied as Deftones, Iggy Pop and Sade — Kill the Reflection has become a potent concoction of genres, ideas and feelings alike. If there’s anything tying it all together, it’s a certain darkness and emotional weight that KTR sums up perfectly with its tagline: “Music for broken people.” Following up its debut release last year, KTR is prepping an EP for early 2013 whose songs represent only minor changes to the formula; the band knows not to try fixing what isn’t broken.”

“Kill The Reflection's brand new record Together ... Apart... is every romantic cynic's wet dream. Valentines Day is meant to embrace sappy love letters, crushes and red roses. Kill The Reflection flush every bit of that nonsense straight down the toilet and what they offer up in Together ... Apart seems to be a deeper look into the realness that goes on in a relationship and not just the facade that accompanies such corporate red herrings. It's a rollercoaster that unfortunately every human experiences. And while some may gather an unyieldingly downtrodden mood with Together ... Apart, I think it's important to acknowledge the relationship between the two spectrums while consuming it. The realization that the the only way to defeat pain and come out better on the other side is realizing that it does hurt, it will heal and to allow yourself a ride on the rollercoaster of balancing that yin and yang, the sun and the rain, of being Together ... Apart...”

“Review for Kill the Reflection's LP "Together... Apart..." Original, Stylish, Experimental rock that seems to have it's own genre and era. Piercing lyrics and vocals that compliment the songwriting throughout this collection. Kill the Reflection Delivers wave after wave of emotion from their digital sea of rifts,beats and lyrics. Well worth the listen and price to own. ”

“Kill the Reflection 3EP Post-punk with promise and room to grow At its best, Kill the Reflection’s dark, fast music leans toward Joy Division-esque post-punk. On the group’s “3ep,” the standout “Cold” calls for the vocalist to deliver his notes in a low, forceful way that aspires toward the dominating control of Ian Curtis. The Oklahoma City-based three-piece musically churns behind him, channeling the energy of punk (especially in the drums) through tight, restrained rhythms. The tension of vocals versus instrumental energy (and, within that, drums versus guitars) make for a great track. The drum parts in the verses of “Broken” give a nod to the trip-hop that Kill the Reflection formerly purveyed as a duo (it’s recently expanded to a trio), while the chorus transforms it into a standard rock song. Kill the Reflection has a lot of room to grow as it figures out its sound, but “Cold” shows that there is great promise for the future.”

“Featured video on the Oklahoma Music Chart.”

“Fleeting Melodies Vol 1’ is a strong collection of demos. The album begins with an intro where you are introduced to the music and album; I find this cool and thought worthy. It tells you that this is “music for broken people” since I enjoyed listening to every song I guess I am among those. I find the lyrics very strong, they speak of feelings that most people that have fallen in and out of love may recognize. Sometimes you find a song where you almost choke on, because of all the emotions that it brings. For me it creates a dark and twisted atmosphere that really reaches out and kind of sinks its teeth in you. The melody and rhythm together with the sharp lyrics really captured my interest from the first time I listened to it. I enjoy that the song moves in a circle, it ends as it begun. Let me tell you that it has been turned into a mesmerizing lullaby that simply caresses your ears and your soul. How I enjoy listening to this bare and moving song - I simply adore it!”

“I would sell my baby to see Kill the Reflection play live! -Ed Gein”

“Featured band/musician for May 2007 at WWW.GlobalGothic.com Wow, I'm impressed! I checked out their MySpace and listened to a few of their songs. I think they're my favourite band of the month we've had yet. I would so buy an album. - Wise Child Yum.Yum.Yum. says I.. - Site Owner EPS”

"Eerie music,but nice at the same time. This grows on you, and has a gnawing effect that gnaws at the back of your mind. Puts you in a contimplative mood afterwards" - Mostpeoplearedjs.com