Kill The Precedent / Press

“Irrational Anthem" song premier & FREE MP3 "a perfect example of the band's unique, addictive and even undefinable sound.”

“Then, there was the heart-pumping set by Kill the Precedent. Dressed in scrubs and toting creepy baby dolls, the band charged the stage with such intensity and rocked out with such force (one onlooker described them as a “metal Beastie Boys”), that it was no wonder the hardcore band took home the prize for Live Performer.”

“Best Live Performer - Sammies 2013”

“We’re pleased to bring your the exclusive premiere of Kill The Precedent‘s new music video for “Goodbye Lullaby.“ The track is off their album Dialogues With The Dead, out now via Minus Head Records.”

"...shows listeners that they have the potential to become a memorable act of defiance."

Outburn Magazine

“The seasoned veterans have truly taken music to the next level, not only creating a novel genre, but raising the bar in creativity, technicality, showmanship, and in-your-face vocal styling. ”

Lys Mayo - New Noise Magazine

“Ghettoblaster recently caught up with Twig to discuss the revolution they’ve started with Dialogues with the Dead. This is what he said about the record, and strangely, about covering Jessica Lea Mayfield!?!”

“With seven men drawing from a mixed bag of genres and experiences, the decision to ignore judgments and labels, and tread forward with their ideal vision, is the driving force behind the momentum the band is feeling.”

“If you're ready for a band that slams together just about every extreme style in the book for maximum impact and a huge, stacked sound – but still manages to latch onto a few really amazing shout-along hooks – then you might be ready for the maniacal onslaught that is Kill the Precedent.”

“Kill the Precedent’s music is chaotic, energetic, angry, and anthemic, making for quite a distinct listening experience.”

“we love the convergence of horror and heavy metal.”

“Kill the Precedent shows often carry elaborate themes, in keeping with the showmanship of industrial forerunners such as Ministry and Skinny Puppy.”

“Goodbye Lullaby" song premier. "play this one REALLY loud while you recall your own good and bad times spent with old pals. ”