Kill Matilda / Press

“The album’s 10 frenetic rock ’n’ roll tracks are healthily tinged with metal aesthetics, accentuating Exner’s powerful vocals and chunky guitar.”

“With their debut LP, Kill Matilda kicks zombie ass and takes no prisoners. Punk ‘n’ roll pulses through their veins like a narcotic substance, and frontwoman Dusty Exner is screaming like it’s the only thing keeping her alive. It’s a performance that makes her the center of attention for the whole record. The band bangs out solid rock riffs, every once in a while tapping into southern-fried hardcore grooves and nearly memorable guitar solos, but Exner is what makes this band exciting. Her voice rides a dark rock steed, telling bloody stories of nightmare lives. From the dark shadow that envelopes the murder-heavy “Geisha With a Switchblade” to the Cranberries-sounding “Pomegranite” to the heavy metal of “PBJ,” Exner’s voice goes from clean vibrato to throat-tearing screams on a dime. When the band is strongest behind her, the result is like a keg of dynamite; red-hot guitar tone soaks the self-destruction anthem “Already Dead””

“they are inspired by very real social issues that permeate our culture”

“you need to take a listen to Vancouver's Kill Matilda”

“I stood stoked and wanting more”

“One of B.C.'s big-city buzz bands”

“They're loud, crazy and out of fucking CONTROL!”

“This is definitely a band to keep an eye on.”