Killing Faith / Press

“Killing Faith, the hard-hitting 4-piece rock band from Kalamazoo, Michigan, is revitalizing the southwest Michigan music scene. With an extraordinary combination of powerful chord progressions, heart-pounding percussion, sailing guitar solos, passionate vocals and arguably one of the most professional live performances in the southwest Michigan area, Killing Faith is setting the standard for Kalamazoo rock music. ”

“Not every musical project aims to push the boundaries of musical awareness. Some don't aim to battle for complete independence from the rest of the crop. Formulating a niche within their sphere of contemporaries is not always of the utmost importance. Sometimes the strength of these musical acts lies in their simplicity and approachability. Instead of personal, obscure conceptual projects, bands such as these focus on "universal woes" and "connecting with the lowest lows" when searching for an audience; according to Kalamazoo pop-metal/rock group Killing Faith, that is.”

"The latest chapter in Kalamazoo alternative rock is Killing Faith. This four-piece, akin to bands like Pop Evil and Theory of a Dead Man, formed in January of 2010 and just got around to releasing its debut EP "In the Dark" in December. With its freshman release, Killing Faith doesn't hit quite as hard as a true metal band, but they supplement it with catchy, melodic choruses and nifty riffs. The gem on "In the Dark" would have to be "Not Over You", a softer ballad-type number that implements the acoustic guitar and easily the strongest vocals by Travis Ross. With their music now in circulation, the band promises big things in 2011."