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:::KILLCODE::: / Press

“The song itself is a perfect representation of the talent currently thriving in the underground rock scene of NYC. Just take a listen below and become a fan of one of the most promising NYC underground bands.”

“If this band keeps pumping out songs like these and working as hard as they’ve been, we may be looking at a future festival headliner here.”

“Killcode is one of the bands that we consider amazing. Their music, songs an sound.”

“Before I even start this review, see them…just see them…do this now so that you can say that you caught them when they were a local act because it’s not going to be that way for long. There was a vibe in the room that you could feel in the air.”

“These bad ass hard rockers are ready to serve up a much needed dose of straight up nonstop balls to the wall ROCK!”

"From the beginning of their set to the end, Killcode delivered their unique sound with big guitars and catchy drumming rhythms. They are fresh and fun, continuously moving the crowd to sing along. They continue to soar to the top headlining at prominent New York City venues and growing their fan base internationally."

“Devil's song "sounds damn good ! I do not know how many times I hit the replay ... I never get tired of listening to the track! Ripping guitars and bass are impressive and impossible to leave you! indifferent ... How many times you going to give the replay?”

“KILLCODE lives and breathes as a live act. As I tell people going to see KILLCODE, it's not just a live show it is an EXPERIENCE”

“‘KILLCODE’. 12 tracks of their epic sounding rock, the album is full of their signature punchy riffs.”

“Each of the five members has a strong stage presence, and as a unit, the band has chemistry and charisma....Killcode is definitely a band to look out for.”

“These guys have swagger, talent, and pure rock n roll attitude coursing through their veins and you’re in for a killer night of genuinely ballsy, cigarette-and-whiskey soaked fun ~ Killcode’s energy, music, and command of the stage set the bar higher than most rock bands can reach”

“NYC hard rockers Killcode are as real a Big Apple rock traditional rock act as you can find these days”

“KILLCODE represents the present and the future of the New York underground Hard Rock music scene thanks to their ability of creating music that is both fresh and fun. With recent concerts with TWISTED SISTER, ADRENALINE MOB and THE DIRTY PEARLS, KILLCODE have definitely proven that they are ways more than a glorified local band!”

“Having built quite a reputation around the New York City area as a band to see, Killcode showed their chops as a veteran band ready to burst out of their shell into the national spotlight”

“A band like Killcode brings you a type of heavy metal intensity that isn't muffled by any excessive screaming or overdone guitar or bass drum. In fact, their southern rock roots shine through in a big way with melodic, bluesy straight up rock”

“Killcode...I can't even put into words how PHENOMENAL they are plugged in, and acoustic. Please please please if you've never heard of these guys check them out below or out live at a show! -”

“:::KILLCODE::: is a good listen the first time, but what makes a great band is the need to back and listen again and again and find more. This band passes the test.”

“You will not find one bad song on this album!! One hook line chases the next. The Band definitely earned their debut on #2 Billboard Mid-Atlantic Heatseekers Charts.”

“The longer I work with bands it’s generally become pretty easy for me to see which bands are going places and which bands are lacking in ambition. Killcode is not one of those bands. This band has the drive, the passion, and the talent to take their music far”

“This album made me wanna go on a road trip, taking whiskey and a lot of cigarettes with me! This album is a MUST HAVE for all the hard rockers !!”

“The focus of this band is on good song-writing and performances from musicians who clearly love what they’re doing. The songs are easily accessible to fans of songs with powerful choruses, loud guitars and best consumed with some hard liquor”

“If a melting pot of metal grooving goodness is your thing, seek this out. You’ll be pressing “play” repeatedly...Killcode are a five piece, New York based groove machine who are one part feel good chugging modern southern rock with the attitude and swagger of some of New York City’s finest both past and present”

“It was obvious from one song that Killcode loved being onstage; they looked as comfortable up there as though they had been born on it. By the time they left, all traces of chill were gone and the crowd was completely energized.”

“Local rockers, KILLCODE, opened the festivities with their loud killer sound. How long has it been since you’ve heard a loud rock band in New York City? Too long I’d say. The audience gave these guys a whole lotta love in return. Vocalist, Tom Morrisey, mentioned he was overjoyed after the show. Not only they were well received by the crowd, the band had reached out on a cross- cultural level”

“Killcode are a no bullshit, balls to the wall, rock and roll attitude band waving the flag of a genre believed to be dead (but we know better…)”

“Stop anything you’re doing right now, for these guys are astonishing. KILLCODE is a new North American name coming to the ring on Metal scene, and these guys surely have a lot of to say, as we all can hear in the first album, “Killcode”.”

“Influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Label Society, Shinedown, Stone Sour, Velvet Revolver are all over the place but there’s more than that. These guys have guts, inspiration & character.”

“While everyone else is trying to be the next big indie rock band to come out of Brooklyn, it’s good to know that there are still some groups trying to make some good hard rock in New York City these days. Killcode is one such band. These five guys bring the rock on their debut, self-titled full length”

“KILLCODE never lets up or rests, they are a mirror of the city that never sleeps, New York. This powerful unit plays music with gonads - a hard driving metal that travels right through you like too many cups of coffee”

“The New York act Killcode puts a Southern spin on its metal-edged classic rock, combining twanging guitars with head-banging choruses to create arena-ready anthems.”

“Killcode are a hard rocking band from NYC and with consistent and amazing tunes from their self-titled new album, Killcode will have you eating out the palms of their hands. If you are lovers of Shinedown, Foo Fighters, lynyrd Skynyrd then this album will enhance your taste buds! A killer album that no doubt will possibly slip through the cracks, but deserves to be at the top which, nowadays, not many bands can match. With a variation of kick ass tracks ranging from melodic to hard pumping rock, raw and punchy, it shows a bunch of guys bursting with enthusiasm, energy and determined to be heard! The self-titled album shows the band are tight and hungry and their biggest achievement of all is the song writing, it’s sharp, cool and with awesome lyrics will have you begging for more. There is no doubt the band’s sell out shows, 2 previous EP’S and now the new album, shows the last 5 years have really paid off!”

"The video, which was directed by David Swajeski, gives you some major insight as to what it feels like to be at a Killcode live show."

“There are bands out there that people will always ask their fans about with the standard, "Well, what do they sound like?" question. In this day and age, the rock band that stands out is the one that doesn't fit neatly into any category, and carves out its own sound. That band is Killcode.”

"The strong crunch of their guitars and their firm ability to craft memorable songs was an immediate LOVE! ...I could spend another 1,000 words extolling the virtues and prodigiousness of this album. It's a rare debut album that blows me away"

“The five guys who make up Killcode didn’t have to rise from the ashes or go through some spiritual quest to find themselves where they are now. It just happened that they are all that is rock and roll: a raw southern raunchy sound, full of feel, groove and attitude from the streets and alleys of New York City.”

"The performance of this debut is outstanding... It’s raw emotion and energy is infectious and served in heavy doses. Killcode is well worth checking out..."

“KILLCODE is a sharp edge blade coming down on the necks of boring and lifeless “Metal” that appears on stages across a once rich land of high energy music, with it’s perfect blend of southern rock and modern metal, KILLCODE stands to deliver an ass-whoopin’ and wakes you up hard and fast. I cant wait until their album release and look forward to hearing more. I advise you stay on their good side, don’t cross this tour de force of energy and attitude, unless you have a bunker and a whole lot of ammo. Seriously, this is a great sound and is long overdue for the stage.”

“This is an Act with an incredible sense of melody that offers shockingly tight arrangements. Just check out the first minute of one of their more popular songs "Tied"; These are accomplished musicians who could probably play any style the chose to- but they've chosen to play hard, and it works like gangbusters.You don't have to be a metal fan to enjoy this hot band ! -Bob Smith”

Bob Smith - Good Times Magazine

“Truly bringing the KillCode sound to life are the guitars of Pat Harrington and Chas. Not only do they shred on every track, but they seem to find a different way to stand out on each one as well. For me, the riffs from this tandem are the core of KillCode’s sound. The songs feel like the are formed around their twelve strings, as Morrissey and company perfectly construct the rest of the deep sound known as KillCode around them. You can’t create a sound this complete without amazing chemistry within the band, you can hear these guys feed off of each other on every track. That’s the key ingredient that makes “KillCode” such a must have........and like our 2009 review, leaving us wanting even more!”

“Killcode has kicked the door in and rocked your socks off with their self titled album "Killcode"!! Simply "Explosive"! This album is the end all and be all of this years Rock album offerings! With 12 kick ass tracks to rock out to, you are going to be amazed at the quality of music on offer. Tom Morrissey's powerful vocal style is not only sexy but blood pumping! This album is chocker block full of exceptional songs, one as brilliant as the other.”

“The next two bands were Killcode and Charetta. Now let me tell you, if you haven't seen these two bands, do yourself a favor and catch their next shows. Each band has enough energy to light the NYC electric grid for a week. Put them both on stage in the same night and you have a show that goes nuclear.Killcode played first and brought a huge sound with them. They're a band that has it all. They have stage presence, great energy, and the ability to get the audience amped up! They even brought in their own lights to add to the lighting of the Gramercy Theatre. Vocalist Tom Morrissey added to his presence, a mic stand equipped with a skull at the base and a chain leading up the stand to the mic. A cool prop to add to their already strong stage presence and flair! They shared the stage for their song "Trust" with Angelina Del Carmen, the lead singer of Charetta, which drove the audience to a frenzy. The guitar riffs were intricate and well thought out and vocals were strong.”

“The songwriting is quite diverse throughout the record, ranging from rockin’ high energy tunes to soulful, mellow songs. The album opens up with a country flavor with the song “Still Here”, making use of some slide guitar and a foot-stomping groove. The rock continues with the tracks “Hands Up” and “Tied” before switching to the more mellow “Wrong Side”. From there the album rocks for several tracks, riding a wave made up of some Black Sabbath-esque downtempo songs mixed with high-intensity rock & roll. This ebb and flow is a theme recurring throughout the whole album, both lyrically and musically. The dichotomy of life’s beautiful moments and its dark moments are present in the songs with a “bring it” attitude. The band expresses that they are ready for anything, both the good and the bad, and enjoy every second of it. One can’t help but feel like a badass when listening to this record.”

“I’ve heard the saying, “Rock is Dead” plenty of times and I’m sure you have too, but I assure you that out there, waiting to be found, are guys, girls and more than anything, BANDS, who definitely still rock.Whether you like it or not,Killcode came to assure you it’s alive and well. Spreading the code first in Nueva York, or New York to we english speaking people.I arrived to a vibrant, packed and sold-out show on March, 24th 2012 as the audience lingered around and the many bands passed their time on the stage about to be rocked by none other than the code, Killcode.I know before I go on all of you simpletons want to know “What do they sound like?”It’s hard to give a solid answer and point the finger at more known band and say “It sounds like them.”I can say they sound like Rock, domestic beer drinking hard rock with the ability to change from song to song.”

“Killcode was as pro as they come, complete with a massive light show and sound. They were very tight all around and had great energy throughout their set. With their heavy groove and classic-yet-modern vibe, Killcode was the angry rock band that woke up the animals in the crowd. Dark, aggressive, and ballsy, they lived up to the stereotype of what a hard rock band should be. They had a hiccup when one of their guitarists broke a string but they covered it up well with some crowd interaction. A highlight of their set was when they brought out Angelina Del Carmen (lead singer of Charetta) as a guest vocalist for their song “Trust”, which was the best song of their set. They left the crowd nice and prepped for the show’s headliner, Charetta.”

“ Music for those with a rebel spirit; heavy guitars and soulful vocals...anthems for outlaws." –INKED magazine 7/2010 KILLCODE are five guys with common musical ground but born from different genres and influences. It turns out those differences fueled the inspiration and helped create a heavy but melodic, dirty but polished, raw and emotional sound. “Killcode always deliver the goods on stage and make you want to rock your heart out!””

““These guys have combined their eclectic tastes and brought some of the freshest sounding, hard edge rock I have heard in a long time. I wish this kind of music was on Top 40 radio stations.” ”

““Hard, Uncompromising yet melodic”-- reviews "To Die For"”

Dirty Rock Magazine (Australia)

““2009 marked the release of their debut EP "To Die For", a six track album that packs quite a punch from cover to cover and wastes no time getting right to the rock. As the first track "L.I.T.A." starts, you would have sworn you just pushed play on a Velvet Revolver album, the bass and guitar work are that solid. Fast paced and well refined, "L.I.T.A." gives you a glimpse of what happens when Southern and Hard Rock mix, and the results are something that will keep you around for every minute of this disc.””

““Merging the swagger of a band commandeering the Sunset Strip with a brazen only in NY attitude, this squad’s radiates a take no prisoners approach containing a surprising array of mass-market friendly melodic moments that trails off the synthetic Nickelback-esque pedestrian path with a rash of distinct twin guitars and a gritty outlaw underbelly which complements the pristine production polish, allowing Killcode a luxury of reaching multiple sets of hard rock listener’s ears.””

““The musicianship in this band is truly amazing, and if you read my column every week, you know that these guys have been busy recording new material too! 2010 ”

Tim Louie - NJ Acquarian

“ “Who can take the grit and leg spreadin' attitude of rock/metal and mix it with the dirty grooves of southern rock? :::KILLCODE:::, the band that came together a year ago in NYC and have since been giving a lesson or two on what makes you throw the metal horns high!"- NY WASTE "We're All Wasted" Summer Issue 09”

"Music for those with a rebel spirit; heavy guitars and soulful vocals over sing along melodies. True Americana, with influences from Black Sabbath to Southern Rock, unpretentious and unafraid: anthems for outlaws." July, 2010

INKED Magazine

“Cool new music site and not a bad review on THE CODE's debut EP. Check it out!”

“NY WASTE Article -:::KC::: ON THE RISE IN NYC ..and BEYOND!”

“NEW "To Die For" review in Australia's "Dirty Rock" magazine!”

Dirty Rock