The Kilcawley Family / Press

“The Kilcawleys are the revivalists and the preservers, embodying the latter (albiet simplified) definition of folk. On any given night you’re likely to hear them playing Elizabeth Cotten’s “Freight Train,” the traditional, “House Carpenter,” or the hymn, “12 Gates into the City.” Damon provides accompaniment on a vintage acoustic, with a harmonica style that combines the blues of Sonny Terry with the melody of Woody Guthrie. Rabouhi sings most of the tunes while playing the auto-harp for some additional rhythm. They play the folk songs in their purest form: stripped down, without taking too many liberties. And that’s a good thing. Their authenticity is striking in both their dress and musicianship. So if you’re in the mood for a ballad about old London Town, or a story from the American west without having to sift through a 3 page Dickens sentence, or a thick Steinbeck novel, listen to what the Kilcawley Family has to say.”