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“Rest assured, we can expect plenty more from this piano-playing, guitar-plucking, pen-wielding artist.”

“With the promise of an EP being released in the coming months, I for one am excited, enticed and downright exhilarated that we will be offered fresh material to soothe our ear drums.”

“She is an accomplished guitarist, celloist and pianist”

“Local singer-songwriter Kiera Osment answered our questions”

“Armed with a genuinely affecting voice and an ear for a haunting melody, North Devon will do well to keep this young girl quietly under wraps, just for now, while she hones her prodigious talent into something quite special.”

"To label Kiera a rare talent would be a masterpiece of understatement "

“To label Kiera a rare talent would be a masterpiece of understatement ”

"Far too young to be this good"

“Kiera is singing her way across the southwest this summer.”

“Kiera Osment supports Clare Teal.”

“I hope I continue to write songs into old age..”

“Osments work stands up against that of older artists..”

“Her rich, expressive voice and haunting ballads have earned her a reputation as one to seek out in the music scene.”

“Kiera Osment supports Maddie Southorn at The Beaver Inn”

“Kiera Osment, "a case of reincarnation"”

“Vocal maturity beyond her years..”

“Lovely rasp to her voice”

“Young singer songwriter”

“Hiding a force beyond her years”

“Calverstock Festival”

“11 year old songwriter - big things in store”

“Haunting beauty”

“Talented 11 year old songwriter”