Kien Lim / Press

" Former guitarist with Koozie Johns' "Sinnerstar" has played sessions for Dave Stewart (Eurythmics); Simon Kirke(Free/Bad Company) as well as, intriguingly, Demis Roussouses, the King of Malaysia and Vangelis." Frank Franklin - Less is More Productions - "If the moody, introspective folk-rocker is your cup of tea, have it with some honey and lemon at Kien Lim's "More Songs from London" show. Lim's entrancing vocals wrap around love songs both sweet and sour, but always in the key of mellow." Fresno Bee", CA, U.S.A 11/03/05 "As far as I'm concernred, Kien Lim's show has been the standout musical performance of the festival so far. He is a talented guitarist and songwriter, and he sings with a beautiful baritone voice. You should definitely catch this exciting set before the festival ends. He's also a terrific photographer; check out his photos at his website: www.kienlim.com." John Beynon Mar 6, 05