kidnapping the dead (bali) / Press

“Guys! The sound is awsome! keep up the great work! Luv your song behind blind eyes!”

Cole Hyde - email

“I hope you enjoy the fact that new fans fall in love with your music”

Ellisha - Email

“Hi, I wish I could say in person how much I respect and adore and worship everything you guys do. Your music for me is like a living being or a substance, like I could almost touch it. Thank you and best wishes.”

Fannie - Email

“hi i love love love your music...i havent stopped listening to it. next time i'm there i wont be broke and will buy all your cd's! :) thanks for something new to listen too!”

Danny - email

“hey huge fan since 1st listen, you and ur band keep producing really awesome mus”

tara Mussel - email

“KTD_Bali Bersuara Lagi”

“Hey, your music is really good, i'm listening to a lot of genres as long as it's good, i'm going to write a review for your music ,I hope you don't mind. Thanks Erica”

Erica - Email

“Let the light shine your way and the stars guide your steps. You definitely have a lot of talent.”

Mrs.Dudley - Email

“hi Im really enjoying listening to your music. :) I will spread the word around to all my friends. Whre I can find more? cheers Kirk”

Kirk - Email

“Hey! I like your music a lot and I belive it's unique! wish you much success! Denis”

dennis montero - email

“hey, i really love your sound, its fresh and comforting and i loved it the minute i heard. have a good one Erin”

Erin - Email

“KTD EMANG TOP,,,,,,, :D”

“sneng nya abis headbang party ama temen* Kidnapping The Dead , Sound Of Sadness and yg pasti Kill The Fate di acara yg nama nya susah aku inget td ... hahaha :D”

“Selamat Tahun Baru 2011 KIDNAPPING THE DEAD !! semoga rejeki kita dan jadwal panggung yg padat di tahun 2011. tetep rendah hati dan jangan sombong.”

“Berkarya terus brow”

“pekik rasa jiwa~ktd mix~ cooming soon”