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“My name is Kid Combat I'm a 27 yr old Rapper/vocalist/musician from Mio, Michigan (Northern Michigan). Currently living in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Talented musician on guitar, drums, vocals and very intricate flows. Rapping fast is the way I feel like I can express my intensity and emotion best. I love everything from rock to hip hop, Metal to some easy listening. Very into being myself, Music, being in the woods, Skateboarding, working out, jammin with my team, Self Progression. I'm in the latter stages of my first "OFFICIAL" mix-tape!!! "Kid Combat and Friends" a 20 song mix-tape full of nothing but my features. My Album is in the works right now. Set to release in February. ****Kid Combat "We the People" **** Hollerr at it!! http://www.reverbnation.com/kidcombat https://twitter.com/KidCombatMusic https://www.facebook.com/KidCombatMusic https://soundcloud.com/daniel-lee-ryckman http://www.youtube.com/user/TheKidCombat”

Kid Combat - Hello my name is..

“I'm at peace with My addictions, Consuming me from within instead a beast deranged born in hell trained, unchained and raised in my head DAMN THAT'S A LOT TO HANDLE KID--(Deep devil voice) there's that demon in my head thinking HE can speak again Thinking I can be affected by Telling me to put these little pills to the test Telling me to get drunk, hit these licks Tellin me to mask up , let's go rob this bitch MAN, I aint bout that shit MAN, YOU AIN'T IN MY CLIQUE---(Deep voice Hell yeah that's the shit BITCH living my life yea my life how i exist in it -when everythings bad can you make it alright walkin through the dark would you turn on the light living blind in this world just looking for sight Livin a lie in this world just tryna make it right see i know we all have problems they aint getting outta hand so understand and comphrehend That there is a world outside what's on the television this is not the end only the beginning ”

Kid Combat - The beginning