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“Since their 2009 debut, the Atlanta trio, consisting of Dylan Hansen (drums), Daniel Remel (bass), and Jesse Scarpone (guitar), have been making a steady name for themselves, teasing new songs and releasing one full length, Music to Fight the Future, in 2013. Since then, the band has been fine tuning their sound, and with their latest single “Supermassive Automatic,” we think readers will agree the group has found their sweet spot. Opening with a steady mellow groove, the track eventually evolves into a soulful rock anthem full of catchy riffs and addictive harmonies. Shot and edited by Alex Siebert of Siebert Film, the video combines robots, a rowdy house show, and some memorable hooks to groove to for the rest of the summer. Check it out above, and make sure to show the boys the love they deserve.”

“Thursday mornings always need a bit of oomph. Sure, you’ve made it over hump day, yet the end of the week isn’t quite within grasp. Fear not music fans, for One Stop have a sure fire way of fast forwarding the day (that should be our new tag line). GREAT NEW MUSIC. Introducing the novelly named Kick the Robot, a Georgia-based trio sliding onto the scene with their rock doused track “Strange Familiar”. If a Thursday morning kick up the ass is what you’re after to get you going, then these chaps are here to save the day like a modern day Robin (after all, Batman’s just plain underwhelming with an overly-inflated ego). It’s raw, it’s something worth sinking your teeth into, and it’s safe to say your day will look that bit brighter from the moment you press play. Enjoy ladies and gents, enjoy.”

“Kick the Robot greeted the crowd by performing a song from their upcoming album, “Whenever You’re Blue”. The band consists of Jess Scarpone on guitar, Dan Remel on bass and Rufus Yahooty on the drums. All three band members contribute their vocals to their songs. The crowd reached a new level of excitement which only increased throughout their set. This was Kick the Robot’s first 40 Watt performance and they certainly did not disappoint. Kick the Robot closed with an encore performance in which they played their song “Machine Gun” from their first album, Music to Fight Future, available on their website and on iTunes. They then performed a brief cover of “Purple Haze” by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.”

“Have you ever wanted to kick a robot? We all know that they are stealing more and more of our jobs. However, after listening to this band you may just want to go out and hug or high five one. Kick the Robot is currently giving a good name to robots everywhere while on tour in the southeastern part of he united States. With a snazzy website and music to go along they seem to be making some good vibes in the alternative music scene. This is normally the part where I single out a few songs that I particularly enjoy of my featured band. If I were to do that with Kick the Robot this article would surpass my rigid outlines for length. Their music is flat out good! Upon starting up their music to give it a feel I spontaneously broke out into the robot, and I must say I quite enjoyed it. I’d give their style a similarity rating to Jet or The Vines, something spunky like that. The music is catchy and the lyrics are obviously well thought out, and much appreciated for their effort.”

““We always try to capture the energy of our live shows. Our philosophy in the studio is to be organic and genuine. We don’t use any electronic trickery like auto-tune or instrumentation that we don’t play live.” They’re attempting to provide listeners at home with an as authentic performance as they can provide at a live show. It’s a very admirable stance they have assumed. Inevitably, they have fine tuned their sound as well as grown as people and performers. Of course the chemistry between all the band members is strong. It’s a testament to their dedication as musicians and to each other.”

“Kick The Robot @ Vinyl One of my favorite live bands around town - Kick The Robot – has experienced a lot over the last year or so highlighted by the release of their first record and support from Elton John. Jangly guitars and melodic vocals help this trio dish out tunes that are closer to 70’s power pop than the stuff you hear today. Live is where they sound best and the room at vinyl is perfect for their music. Also Nashville’s MODOC will be bringing their psychedelic infused rock to town to join in the evening of sonic fun.”

“Acknowledging his Atlanta friends in the crowd, he dedicated his classic hit Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me to rising Atlanta-based power pop trio Kick the Robot members Jesse Scarpone, Daniel Remel and Dylan Hansen. “They’re amazing and I’m hoping to get involved in their career,” praised John. Last summer, Hansen discussed the band’s interactions with Sir Elton in Daily Agenda).”

“What genre would you say your music is? At its’ heart, it’s unadulterated rock ‘n roll. We’re heavily influenced by 60′s and early 70′s rock, so we take that mentality to it…but what comes out is a bit more modern. One of our favorite descriptions of our genre is “arena garage rock”, a bit contradictory but it seems to fit. [Laughs]”

“Plus, it didn’t hurt that Sir Elton praised the band’s tongue-in-cheek, up-tempo ode to “friends with benefits,” Not Your Friend off of Music to Fight the Future. “He kept telling us it was ‘brilliant!’ which really floored all of us!” Hansen says sheepishly. “It was just a huge compliment coming from Elton John.” - See more at: http://www.atlantamagazine.com/agenda/2013/07/13/fan-elton-john-meets-with-kick-the-robot#sthash.1nAf0LoI.dpuf”

“I’ve said it ad nauseum in reviews before, but it bears repeating: I appreciate when bands can invoke their influences without being a total sound-alike. Kick the Robot does a good job of that on their record Music to Fight the Future, while keeping the sound fresh, fun, and original at the same time.”

"honestly a nice fresh sound; Beck meets Marcy Playground, I like :)"

“Opening the night was a new band from Athens called Kick The Robot. With a set list of blistering rock and roll they are a perfect example of why you need to get to venues early and support opening acts. There is a good chance you are going to hear some good music. Their tunes were guitar driven with vocal harmonies, their sound reminded me of bands who came through Athens many years before them. Some of the songs that stood out were “Machine Gun”, “Red Wine” and “Gunslinger” and they closed with a dead on “Twist And Shout” which got the crowd up and dancing.”

"Kick the Robot plays catchy melodic rock along the lines of the Beatles or Foo Fighters."

“In its Athens debut, Kick the Robot seized the attention of its crowd with powerful beats, fast tempo and resonating melodic vocals. The sound of the electric guitars buzzed and blazed throughout the larger-than-expected crowd, while the drums manifested in such a rhythmic beat that you couldn’t help but tap your feet along. The concoction: rock ‘n’ roll meets pop-funk. As I made my exit from the venue, the electrified phrase “They’re gonna get really big” roamed through out the crowd. I have a kicking feeling that the crowd will be right.”

“When performing, the bandmates just want to reach its main goal: to share the same bond with the audience as they do with themselves. “We try to read the crowd as best as possible — see what they’re feeling,” Hansen said. “We bounce back and forth between what we’re sending out and what they’re giving us. From there, we’re just trying to make the crowd happy.” Kick the Robot, who plans to drop its debut album “Music Just Like the Future” in the next couple months, has come from boys playing in a garage to a group of brothers whose music has matured with them.”

“We were absolutely thrilled with Kick the Robot! I think they were the hit of the day because that's all anybody has been talking about ever since!! They were chosen to play out of about sixty bands that applied through Sonicbids and they certainly lived up to our expectations and more!”

“Music Bash to Benefit Injured Drummer A DHS student is going above and beyond to raise money to help a fellow musician and former Falcon. Make plans to attend the upcoming musical event at the Awake Venue in Dacula to benefit Caleb Graves. This event, planned and organized by Dacula High School graduate Alex Ball will take place on Saturday, Oct. 8 from 6 p.m. until approximately 9 p.m. This event will feature various local bands including Kick the Robot, Nightmares, Young America, Capital Arms, City Silhouette and more. Tickets are $10 each and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to help Caleb and his family with medical bills.”

“Alternative rocksters bring new energy to the rock 'n roll/pop genre with their outstanding vocal, instrumental and songwriting talents. This young power pop trio, who formed Kick the Robot in 2006, has been on the road playing gigs throughout metro Atlanta and in the studio developing a full-length CD. This group will rock out several favorites from its CD at Suwanee Day.”

Sarah Douglas - Gwinnett Daily Post

“Sweetwater Bar and Grill Another nail-biter last night as newcomers Kick The Robot advance to a semi-final Showdown date on October 1st.”

“Dear Kick The Robot- once again you, along with help of Manny Cortes, Jessie Allan Thrift, and Mitchell Davies, have successfully created one of the best nights of my pre-college existence. ♥ to all :)”