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““This song had soothing appeal to it, its a real nice sing song. And its quite uplifting. it has a classic appeal and something a lot of people could listen to in the car with their friends.Then suddenly the song burst into something completely different, something more rock! I was surprised however the song didn't get any worse. It got better and they still followed the original strategy of the song and continued staying on the same tracks that led me into the song which was nice. The song lyrics tell a story and are kind of funny if you listen to whats being said,This song is quite entertaining.It made me laugh.They did their job.””

ReverbNation Crowd Review for 'Blind'

““The intro is great! It shows potential of a hit. I could see this playing on the radio. Sounds like a normal song and has great comedic elements that really make this song fun to listen too. The singer is really great to listen too he has a different voice that you always look for in a hit song!"”

ReverbNation Crowd Review for 'I'm So Sorry'

“Kick the Ladder followed and their pop punk-rock, powerpop sound hyped up the crowd. The band, who is number 5 on the ReverbNation Other charts for Newmarket, NH, has been influenced by such artists as Nirvana, Green Day, Metallica, Weezer, and Pantera. Continue reading on Examiner.com: Rain or Shine, The Jam Factory Rocks On! - Manchester Events | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/events-in-manchester/rain-or-shine-the-jam-factory-rocks-on#ixzz1DJcL1KZU”