“I like your music very much and I think its very catchy. thought my friends like me, they will also like it and i just shared it on my fb.”

“hi. i'll admit, i just stumbled upon your music by referall from my friend's post on facebook... "Scars"...amazing song! i look forward to listening to the rest of your music.”

“you know i do like this track SCARS and I think it's worth to be shared, so then many people could listen to it. I just shared it on all of my social circles. My respect for what you do!”

“Hi Just stopped by to show some support. Great songs just shared on my facebook and twitter. Wishing you well with all you do. Blessings Brian "The Hat".”

“Thanks for your songs and especially PIECES OF MY HEART which I listen almost every given day - you guys are awesome. Don't give up that's the key to your success.”

“Hey, I personally think that it shows that you are more musically gifted if you can bring us different kinds of music than just playing the same thing tune after tune. I like your music very much because of its diversity and you are not tryin' to repeat yourself or any artist out there. I appreciate the creativity you put into your music style. From a true fan of all your music.”

“02/12/16 Just wanted to let you know I think SCARS is one of the greatest tunes I have ever heard...”

“Nicholas Waagen 01/06/16 Hi, a big thumbs up from me. I'm glad I've found your page on here, I've been enjoying your music for quite some time. I bet you hear this all the time, but I was genuinely amazed when I first heard one of your tunes online The Glass.”

“Minnie Bono 12/15/15 Hey I must tell you that I am so impressed with your music. Are you going to upload new tunes before the end of 2015? ♥♥♥”

“Agnes Raymer 02/27/15 hi!how to buy your album which includes "SCARS" on google play?? I've been searching... but could not be found. or maybe you can upload more tunes here, I'm eager to hear more...”


“Vera 09/28/15 "The Glass" has just been added to my favourites on here!”


“Mollie Hox 10/31/15 Hi! I just stopped to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we(fans) want to play over and over. Iwish you a happy halloween, in any way you celebrate (or not celebrate it)”


“Cornell Cantu 10/21/15 Hi!!yyour music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today. i will follow your updates here and share your stuff as often as i can..all the best!!”




“Irma Geiger 11/26/15 Listening to The Glass! I'd recommend it to anyone. Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season.”


“Alison Macondray 10/21/15 I love your music so much! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay.”

“I never get bored this tune SCARS. I love this tune so much and Thanks for producing this track.”

“hi...a few days ago I did catch your song Scars while browsing charts on n1m. Been obsessed with this track since its first play. Just keep pushin' it guys! OK, later. tommy”

“Hey....Your tracks are just great and I believe your music inspires a lot of people to follow you. I wonder how come I didn't know about you earlier. Please never give up makin such a great music for us!!! a BIG thank you!!! btw my fav is The Glass”

"The Glass" I LOVE IT!! BEEN LISTENING TO IT NON STOP FOR 2 FULL DAYS!! good luck ad have fun!!! We love you guys!!

“Ben Fisher benfisher19@gmail.com via mail187-17.suw11.mandrillapp.com Oct 4 (2 days ago) to me now THAT's music ive been listening to this all day, seems like you can never get tired of it!”

“On Thu, Jul 16, 2015 at 2:57 PM, Gordon Hart <gordon_hart@nz11.com> wrote: Will you guys ever do a band cruise? Maybe you have and I didn't know it, but you should! All fans all in the same boat! What a blast!)))”


“On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 12:41 AM, Efrain Wetzel <bastadecameron@outlook.com> wrote: hi you are making great music guys...don't change yourselfs ever...love this video”


“YELLVILLE — Kickin’ Kountry, a four-piece band from Harrison, will headline Music on the Square at at 7 p.m. Saturday. The group is a honky-tonk band that plays country, southern rock and blues. Kickin’ Kountry has opened for Asleep at the Wheel, Bellamy Brothers, Dan Seals, Narvel Felts, Daryle Singletary, Jeff Carson, Rhett Akins and Chad Brock, among others. They also perform original music. Band members are Duane Hoppis, lead guitar; Russ Joyner, rhythm guitar; J.R. Massengale, bass; and Ronda Harp on drums. The band has been playing together since 1990. Music on the Square is a free local summertime event for the whole family. Each week is a fun time with food, door prizes and great music.”


“Ozarks Art Council and the Lyric Theater wish to thank Kickin Kountry,Free Whiskey,Ground Rattlers,Spare Change Heroes,Machinery of Oppression,and Insignia for their time and talents given to the "LOCAL LICKS at the LYRIC" program.These are some of the best bands in this area and they all put on the very best show possible.”

Dan Reynolds - Harrison Daily Times

“ Kickin Kountry Band is exactly the name. I really enjoyed listening. I certainly will have our A&R Country Producer come have a listen. Thanks Moiko Records Staff ”

Moiko Records

“This band plays it ALL!Country,rock,they even did a little blues. GREAT DANCE BAND!”

L. Purtle - Larry Purtle ..patron @ royal 66

“Thanks to everyone who showed up this past weekend @ Royal 66 in Mountain Home. We had the best time and cant wait to cvome back in July! Special thanks to all the crew at Royal 66 and also DJ PEACE!”

russell joyner - Kickin&#39; Kountry Band Fan &#39;Zine

“I swear...that guy [russ] sounds just like John Fogerty...that rocks! Almost like i got to see John in concert!”

Justin Mills - patron at Royal 66 club in Mt. Home,Ar.

“I dont even listen to country music and thought you guys kicked a**!!!”

Brian Bates - patron at Royal 66 club in Mt. Home,Ar.

“Hey guys...check out this site we're on...”

“Hello It is my absolute pleasure to let you know that you are going to be featured on our very first "BMN Radio showcase on iRadioLA and Indy104”

“We have acquired our biggest radio affiliate yet in iRadioLA. They reach between 50,000-75,000 different people everyday with a grand total of over 6,000,000 unique listeners over all.”

“We have chosen you to represent us in what will be the first in an ongoing weekly broadcast to "showcase" the talent of TheBMN.com.”