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“Roanoke rapper/producer/promoter Poe Mack put together a rare show on Saturday at 24 Church Avenue. His Hip-Hop Ladies of the Mic brought together several talented female performers. Here, Da'Mecha "Khymestri Science" Delaney performs "Everybody Wants to Be a Rapper" and "Subliminal Messages."”

“Khymestri Science and Jimmie Squintin made their debut performances at the Local Lingo Artist Showcase in Virginia Beach on Sunday, January 15th. The event was held at the Bayside Inn at 2104 Pleasure House Road. Khymestri Science [Scientific Productions, Q.S.L. Entertainment East] made the trip to Virginia Beach all the way from Roanoke, Virginia. The talented musical artist and songwriter wowed the crowd with her energetic performance which included singing, rapping, and playing the violin. She is currently #2 on the Reverbnation Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B charts for Roanoke, VA. Continue reading on Examiner.com KHYMESTRI SCIENCE and JIMMIE SQUINTIN make debuts at Local Lingo - Virginia Beach Nightlife | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/nightlife-in-virginia-beach/khymestri-science-and-jimmie-squintin-make-debuts-at-local-lingo-review#ixzz1oOqKkFoo ”

“Khymestri Science represents more than her bio suggests, she represents the movement of skilled artists that bring validation to the genres of Hip Hop/Rap/ R&B. Or maybe it's one of her "Subliminal Messages" that's worked it's magic on me. Great work.”

“Best M.C. EVER! Love The Violin! Keep up the excellent work honey :-)”

My Mother - Facebook

“Digging your sounds Khymestri”

Higgsband- Artist - Reverb Nation


Parlay Starr- Artist - Reverb Nation

“Subliminal Messages is a very good song ! I like the freaky effects !!”

Foxman- Artist - Reverb Nation

“strong, intelligent lyrics ride over eclectic, imaginative beats..love that driving string riff on "I See"..and the big orchestral sample on "we back". Great ideas and nice to see a strong old skool vibe tying it all together. Very special!!”

MikeWhitePresents- Artist - Reverb Nation