“KHYMERAH Nominados en 4 Categorías a la VI Entrega Premios Subterranica Colombia 2012 ¨El fin de los tiempos¨. Mejor Artista Metal, Mejor Bajista: Viktor Hernandez, Mejor Teclista: Juan Manuel Alvear y Mejor Baterista: Rodrigo León. Pronto mas info acerca de las votaciones. Muchas gracias por su apoyo ! http://www.subterranica.com/prenominaciones.htm / www.KHYMERAH.com”

“Hey Guys, if you liked "Ángel del Mal" Videoclip you must check all the exclusive behind the scenes photos stored in Media section and our official Flickr account. Be witness this awesome experience as if you have been there!!! All photos were taken by Hernando Valencia Salcedo, be sure to check his website for more cool pictures!”

"Ángel del Mal" is Khymerah's frist Single taken from the upcoming album "Despertar"

“Welcome to Khymerah.com! Having a website it has been a goal since the band was created, it is so amazing to have a single place where we can share all our music with the world, don't forget we're also on facebook and twitter! We wish to make new friends so keep tuned wih the updates posted on this site and the social networks. Enjoy your stay, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Have a Great Day! KHYMERAH”