Kheiron / Press

“Some of the best new thrash around, and they're all &@#$%&*# great guys on top of that.”

“‎Kheiron played another awesome show tonight! If you like metal and haven't seen them yet, check them out. \m/”

“Ok, so I told you about the show, now you should go like their page. All of their info is there, and a link to their revernation. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Kheiron. These guys are local, real, and they will thank you, and be eternally grateful. Tell your friends, and please help get the word out.”

“You guys are such a great band and absolutely awesome live! Great demo too! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon! \m/”

“Show was awesome last night, you guys killed it like I knew you would. Listened to the demo 3 times on the way home, it's awesome. Monday begins the circulation of it through school.”