Kevin Young / Press

“Imagine you spot a fantastic old jacket you didn’t know you had, hidden at the back of the wardrobe. Old, timeworn leather, rich, quilted lining. And there’s a pair of cowboy boots you’ve never worn either. You pull on the jacket, slip into the boots and it all fits like a glove, like they were tailor-made for you. You look in the mirror and think: “Fuck me! I look good in these.” So Kevin Young’s songs. They wrap you in a warm embrace like old lost friends just turned up out of the blue… soothingly familiar as though they have been favourites all your life… Soulful, aching, plaintive by turn then uplifting, spirited and reviving, these short stories are an engrossing journey across a multi-textured landscape you’ll remember for a long, long time. Acts like Kevin Young come along only every so often. Don’t miss your chance to climb aboard now, sit back and luxuriate in the imagination of a truly accomplished artist."”

Gerry Cassidy - Daily Record

“The four new songs...represent his most accomplished work to date. A slightly different voice has emerged, the delivery raw and emotive, the lyrical sense penetrating in an intense flow of consciousness. When supported by guitar parts rich in musicality and performed with an assured confidence the effect is powerful. It is these attributes that set him apart from the current crop of singer songwriters. Dylan and Cohen fans, take note. Seriously.”

“Kev is one of the most gifted people I’ve worked with. Leave him alone for a minute and a new song might appear such is the ready spark in his vast store of lyrical imagination. Although recorded recently the songs on this EP are from his early writings and like the young Jackson Browne they speak with the mature authority of an older voice. The music borrows from Americana but shapes itself into Kevin’s distinct, individual identity. And it is no less authentic for that. There is much more to be heard from this guy and I for one look forward to hearing it.”

“And then there was Kevin Young. Bastard son of Neil, you say? Most likely not, but it was a powerful performance from the young songsmith nonetheless. "Sammy" allowed Young to exercise his vocal chords, while "Down and Out" was like something stolen from the Springsteen songbook... Kevin Young could be a real mainstay of the Glasgow music scene if tonight's performance was any guide.”