Kevin Seconds / Press

“Kevin Seconds will always be known for his work with the seminal hardcore punk band 7 Seconds, but he is far from one show pony, something well known to long-time fans of the band (or at least should be to anyone who has listened to anything beyond their hardcore records). Good Luck Buttons is Kevin Seconds’ fourth solo album, but the first that I have heard. InterPunk described the record as having “that folksy vibe in the style of punk gone acoustic” and I think that is pretty spot on. This record mixes folk, alt country, and indie rock/pop to create a sound that is unique and familiar all at the same time. These songs are well crafted and fun but drastically different than 7 Seconds (not that that is a bad thing). Had I heard this record when it came out last year, it would have landed a spot on my best of 2010 list.”

“The second full length from the 7 Seconds front man may be a surprise for those who haven’t heard his previous solo work. The singer-songwriter-solo/folk punk-rocking theme has kicked off in a massive way in recent years and so far the records have been in general pretty damn impressive as punks leading artists and musicians get to explore new boundaries, and every so often take a massive deviation from what you might expect from these unexpected troubadours. This is an honest and sincere (dare I say indie/punk fusion) which could easily be found amongst an indie films soundtrack like Juno. It’s also incredibly positive and uplifting and his high pitched nearly whining voice is actually endearing and upbeat. Collaborating with female vocals on some of the tracks add some needed variety and layers. ‘Sunday Afternoon Bicycle Polo’ which was also on the Revival Tour collection is still a stand out for me as well as ‘Slights And Slickers’, ‘Be Your Witness’ and ‘There’”

“'Kevin Seconds (is) the voice of 7 Seconds and possibly the best songwriter to ever come out of the hardcore punk milieu.'”

Sean L. Maloney - Nashville Scene

“'Serving as the veteran on the bill, 7 Seconds frontman Kevin Seconds took to the stage with an obvious appreciation, still, for getting to get up and do what he does every night. Casually engaging in-between song banter was like catching up with an old friend—a bit nostalgic (talking about old 7 Seconds shows in Toronto), so friendly, personal—and if you were up front and paying attention, you’d barely know the rest of the room was rather fickle, waiting for who was next. Spanning his own solo career with old and brand new songs as well as of course 7 Seconds material, Seconds was as charming as he is storied and a full room behind him could have transformed the set entirely. '”

Nicole Villeneuve - Aux.tv

“'For several reasons, when he took the stage at the Black Cat, the show held a vibe that was akin to the old Storytellers on VH1. One, he genuinely likes to engage the audience. He’ll take several minutes here and there to joke around with the crowd and just create a loose atmosphere....He’s able to draw the audience in and make them just as invested about being there as he is....An intimate setting like backstage at the Black Cat fits Seconds like a glove. He’s able to play songs like “The Violence Inside” and “Random Harm” and just go at his own pace (even making a joke at his expense not being able to keep track of the time of the set). For someone who was never the most hard line punk to begin with, this seems like the perfect place for him to be at this point in his career. He’s content to play his set of heartfelt songs for a handful of people and have a good time.' ”

Stephen Bradley - Washington Times

“'Kevin played for well over his allotted time because of his in between song banter and him taking requests from diehard fans in the crowd. .....He played a lot of new material and you honestly forget how big his body of solo work is until you hear him live as he plowed through tunes like “Stoudamire”, “Sunday Afternoon Bicycle Polo”, “The Violence Inside”, and “Motherfuckers”. Outside of the hardcore world of 7 Seconds Kevin Seconds is a great solo performer and songwriter. I don’t think a lot of people realize that. Honestly, I don’t think he realizes it either. You talk about a guy that has zero ego, and is truly humble? That’s Kevin Seconds. ....At 50 years old Kevin Seconds never sold out his beliefs. He truly does walk the walk. As front man of 7 Seconds or as a solo performer he is an entertainer that truly loves his fans and what he does up on that stage.'”


“'Kevin Seconds is best known as the frontman for 7 Seconds...Seconds' solo work is much along the lines of his work with his "loud band." All the songs were upbeat, catchy, and (dare I say it?) positive. The real highlight of the show, aside from the fact that Seconds is a pretty dab hand at folk strumming, was to discover that he has a range. While there's certainly some melody in those old hardcore songs, Seconds' solo work shows a lot of vocal power. His ability to hit the high notes is undiminished by age, and all of the songs he played last night featured a lot of sustained notes that I never would have guessed from the short bursts of vocals in his early days.'”

Nick Spacek - Pitch.com