Kevin Pugh / Press

"Co-producers Priscilla Losey and Kevin Pugh have done an amazing job putting all of this lunacy together in a production that attracted raucous cheers on opening night." Cary Ginell

“...La Flor is one of the best songs on the album, because it showcases diversity and melodic catchiness”

Matthew Forss - ReviewYou

“..the folk-rock experimentalism of Kevin Pugh's music is downright amazing”

Matthew Forss - ReviewYou

“...the extreme catchiness of several songs will surely grab the attention of all those that 'get it'.”

Matthew Forss - ReviewYou

"ONLY IN MARIN" is as tedious as only-in-S.F., but still: at St. Isabella's school in Terra Linda, first grader Kevin Pugh, 6, was asked by Teacher Marilyn Lynch what he wants to do when he grows up. "I want to work for the Disney Corporation," he replied, "because I own part of it in stocks"...

Herb Caen - San Francisco Chronicle

“Pugh has an ear for melody, which lifts him above most debut musicians, and he knows how to catch the ear of listeners hearing him for the first time. On "Get It," you could say, he gets it.”