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“Rich beat sense of melody, vocal chorus and colorful, emotional strings occasionally hear is, as was arranged like George Martin.”

“Just the right mix of Beatles and Elton John with hooks that sink in fast.”

““Throwback Pop” is an album packed with perfectly crafted three-minute power-pop gems.”

“Kevin Martin, keyboardist & songwriter San Diego's Get Back Loretta, has stepped aside from his bandmates for a minute to release a solo album. Throwback Pop delivers on it's name giving the listener some formulaic but fun ear candy that will get their toes tapping. Kevin stays close to his keyboard which anchor many of the songs with it's beats. Listeners might enjoy the pure pop goodness of "Tv News" or the rockin guitars of Fall Again but don't mistake Throwback Pop for a feel good album. As the tracks progress, the tempo slows, the strings become more prominent and the true beauty of the record starts to shine through culminating with the haunting melody and heartbreaking intensity of "Lie To Me." Front to back Throwback Pop seems to take you on a failed relationship from it's poppy beginnings to its tragic aftermath and slightly more optimistic denouement. "Looking For Love." Enjoy each track individually or listen to the tracks in order for the full emotional effect.”


“Very well produced and filled with plenty of catchy songs that will also please fans of Ben Folds and modern artists such as Jack McManus.”

“F**kin GREAT !!!!!!!!!!! Nice job.”

Greg P Russell - Greg P Russell - Academy Award winning Engineer

“I will honestly say that his album, in my opinion, has the most hip, creative, catchy, and maturely-crafted pop melodies I have ever heard on a pop album”

“Saturday, May 28 San Diego based solo artist Kevin Martin will truck his talents up the coast to The Sunset Strip, for an intimate performance at On The Rox. Already a staple of his hometown music scene, Martin has been honored six times at the San Diego Music Awards for his work co-writing and performing with close friends Get Back Loretta. Now attempting to break out on his own as a solo act, Martin is poised to stun the world with his hooky, yet original sense of “throwback piano pop.” Before heading out to the show tomorrow, get to know this artist on the brink… READ MORE - http://theroxyonsunset.com/?p=5525”

“Martin is a scruffy nova of creativity -- musical, comedic and otherwise. Just when you think you have the former Get Back Loretta keyboardist (the band raked in six -- six! -- San Diego Music Awards during Martin's stint) figured out, he rolls down the sonic road less taken. The songs on his new album, due out later this month, share the Beatle-esque aura of his previous output but there are hints of new directions for the Vista native as well. Martin calls his style "throwback pop -- which takes his modern flair for performance and combines it with his love of vintage piano-pop stylings," his Facebook profile boasts. As we said, Martin enlisted Scheff to produce his eponymous solo debut, marshalling Scheff's pop production and arrangements with Martin's melodies to create a hook-filled heartbreaker.”

“Damn. After only one listen, I really really dig it. Looking forward to seeing it all live.”

Jerko - Jerko

"I Need Your Love" Sounds like you got a single. do a video, go viral brau.

Brian Stewart - Music Connection

"Let Me Go" Sort of a Kravitz meets Maroon 5 with special guests Jason Mraz and Chicago

Bret Teegarden - Nashville Producer/Engineer